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I am weak.  All those acres of stocking stitch in lace weight yarn on my current project were sending me distracted… it’s a perfect TV/waiting around project, but to sit and knit during the day?? I had to start something else to alternate with it before I went mad!!

A yarn from my collection had been gently calling to me for a while, hinting that it might actually make a nice match for the Windsor Cardi.

This is a single spun, felted New Zealand merino.  It’s a non-commercial product, and I haven’t seen it again since I purchased this lot.  This is a shame as I rather like it, hence the hoarding of the yarn rather than using it!

Being merino, it’s very soft of course.  It’s also lofty and light, and the naturally silvery yarn is very pretty.

I gave a ball to Eric to sniff.  “It’s really sheepy!” he exclaimed.  My favourite scent – the pure lanolin’y goodness of a sheep’s fleece.

I think it will come out quite nicely don’t you think?

And notice – I did a tubular cast-on!  Woo hoo!!  Look at the difference between the ribbing cast-on and the swatch cast-on:

I am much happier with the seamless edge that a tubular cast-on produces.

So my pretty little balls of yarn… let us proceed to become a gorgeous cardigan!

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