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You may remember that when I interviewed Andy over at Flagstaff Alpacas, he mentioned that he was developing a merino/alpaca marled yarn.

Well, the other day, I noticed he’d announced its arrival, along with pictures! This made me both excited and rather anxious, as I have been anticipating a parcel of this yarn for a while now.  Had he forgotten my order???

When I woke up this morning, I decided to send him a small reminder to ease my concerns:  “Don’t forget to send me my kilo of black white marl alpaca!”

I went off and did some chores, feeling anxious as only a yarnaholic knitter can that her much-desired yarn might be sold off to someone else even as she was texting!

“Has your post arrived yet” came the reply.  Post?  Had he sent it to me already??

“No.  That sounds exciting…!”

“Wanted you to see the yarn first.  Free samples.  Warm up your needles…”

Ooooh!!! How exciting!!!  How nice of him to think of sending me something to look at before I bought!  I went and sat by the window to see if I could spot the mailman.  Please let those samples arrive today!!!!!!!

A few minutes later, I saw the postman, and in his hand was, oh joy…. a parcel!! I flew out the door and down the path, emitting joyful squeaks, to meet the slightly startled-looking postie.  I guess one of the perks of being a postman is that you get to see the happy reactions of the recipients of exciting looking parcels!

And this is what I found in the parcel:

Flagstaff Alpacas

Which quickly became this:

75% alpaca, 25% merino

and then this:

The swatch!

This is the black/black/white marl.DSC07883

This the brown/fawn/white marl.

Oh yes.  It is very, very, nice.

The yarn is 75% alpaca, 25% merino (it’s a three ply, two strands 100% undyed alpaca, one strand 100% undyed merino).  The yarn, according to my spinner friend Lynn, whom I excitedly showed it to this morning, is beautifully balanced.  It is incredibly soft.  Squishy.  Knits like a dream.  It’s a true DK weight (my gauge is 20 sts x 28 rows on 4mm (US6) needles).  Comes in a generous 200g hank (or 1.3kg cone).  It’s the exact yarn I want to knit my next winter-weight sweater.

There’s only a limited quantity available, and several colour variations.  Have a look here to see.  I’ve got my order in.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a camp to set up outside my mailbox.

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