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In honour of the stash

An ode to the stash.

I love my stash, my beautiful stash, my plentiful, useful, fabulous stash. 

Carefully cultivated, an exotic collection, a delight you are to behold – alpaca, mohair, possum and wool, angora, bamboo and silk, cotton, corn, and soy, you are my every joy!    

A wide variety of wonderful plys – lace, baby and sport, medium, worsted, chunky and bulky, you’ll fill my every project need.   

A rare find, a bargain not to be passed, the unique indie dyed yarn, all have made my lovely stash, my useful, fabulous stash. 

Accompanied by workhorse wool, these garments from you will a lifetime of knitted wear last. 

You make my shopping a pleasurable thing,  going something like this:  “This yarn is gorgeous and I must make it mine.  Now, what could I do with it?  A hat? A pullover? A scarf? Some gloves?”  I check to see if there’s stock enough, and then I carry it home to thee with glee.  The fact that I might not use you for another year is a moot point indeed.  It’s never in the shop when you go back, which justifies that particular view! 

You make my projects easy to do – there’s a yarn for every need.  I don’t have to spend fruitless hours or more looking for my pattern’s match.  With you around, I just fish under the bed, and look at the beauties I find!

And now that the time to be frugal is here, I need not worry at all.  The harvest of yarn chosen well is now at hand for me!

I love my stash, my beautiful stash, my plentiful, useful, fabulous stash. 


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