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The Stansborough tee

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I am not normally someone who has multiple WIPs.  I normally start a project, and don’t stop until it’s done.   

But I seem to have gone a little astray lately.  Probably caused by recent events of which we shall not talk.  I’ve now got on my needles:    

The Putney Aran Tunic by Lisa Lloyd, from the Green Mountain Spinnery book.  I’ve finished the back, and now have to cast on for the front.  Originally stopped because a) I’d already frogged the damn thing once because the tension was off and the project was becoming body armour and not a lovely supple fabric and b) it’s summer here and the alpaca was getting too warm on the hands.  However, that’s not an excuse any more, and the alpaca is beginning to glare at me and send “knit me!” messages…   

I think the tunic will be lovely, and very cosy once winter hits.  The only thing that worries me is that the picture of the tunic is obviously the largest available size, hence the large amount of space after the cabling.  However, in my size, the cables fill up the front with very little space at the side.  Slight difference in proportions.  Hmm.  Funny I didn’t really notice until I got to the armholes.  But I guess that’s another lesson learned.   

Putney Aran Tunic

The back, all done.

I have also decided that while I like cables, an entire jumper in them is a bit tiresome.  BUT, I shall finish this!!!   

Second, I have Eric’s Mop jumper.  Inspired by “The House That Beebo Built”, a fantastic tale which is now sadly out of print.  If you have ever read it, you’ll know that Mop is Beebo’s friend and wears a knitted blue and white stripe pullover that can stretch in every direction, and in which he carries all manner of objects, including his pet hamster.  Given that Eric already loves to curl up in his jumpers, with only feet poking out from the bottom, this jumper will be great for him.  It’s my design, so hopefully it will come out right!  It’s in The Wool Company 4 ply merino, and I don’t like knitting with thin yarn, even thought it’s the perfect weight for a small boy.  So I’m going slow on it.  But I really ought to pick up the speed as I’m about to separate the knitting for the sleeves, so things will start to get interesting.   

The "Mop" jumper

Third, is no.2 of the 10 in 2010 project.  Another in-the-round knitted pullover, this time in Cleckheaton cotton, for Sylvia.  It’s coming along very well, but I’m now at the boring bit where you have to knit another 10cm in stocking stitch before it gets interesting again.  I did take it to the hospital yesterday to knit as anxiety relief while Eric was having his dental op, but that got postponed due to Eric’s rampant cold, so…   

I started my latest WIP, which I call the Stansborough Tee.  Project no.3 of 10 in 2010.  My Stansborough yarn has been loudly asking when I was going to knit it.  I’ve been playing with it, and have swatched a couple of lacy scarf patterns, but it just wasn’t really doing it for me.  I finally found the project that I wanted to make in it:   

Pat Menchini diamond intarsia vest, Simply Knitting June 2009

The original pattern calls for the use of Blue Face Leicester (BFL), which we don’t have in NZ.  However, Stansborough has been developed from an ancient Icelandic (Goth) stock, and given what I’ve read of BFL’s silky qualities, I think this yarn will be a very suitable replacement.   

I’ve now knitted an entire diamond and a half, and am very pleased.  The gorgeous lustre of this yarn is so pretty to look at while knitting – it sparkles in the sun, and the green overdye makes the yarn glimmer gold in that part.  So purrrty!!   It’s keeping me on my toes – I’ve not worked out an efficient system for using 5 balls of yarn at the same time yet, so there’s a bit of adjusting that goes on every row change.  Plus intarsia requires each change point to hook around the new yarn you’re about to use, otherwise you’ll get a hole.  Said holes have unfortunately not been noticed until some rows down, and have required a bit of frogging so far.  But I think I’m on to it now.  She says hopefully.    

This vest is also my experiment vest because I have not washed the yarn before use, and once I’ve washed it, it will fluff up even more, and hopefully(!!!) not shrink!  I will update my page on Stansborough so that all the information is there once it’s done.   

I think now have enough to keep my mind and hands busy.


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  1. You are so good – usually knitting one thing at a time! I have come to the conclusion that I need many projects at once – one for each mood!