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A bad magazine day

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Today, the latest issue of Creative Knitting arrived in my mailbox.  

I am pissed.  Really, and truly very angry. WTF!  

When I subscribed to this magazine, it was a good, basic, knitting magazine.  One of the few Australasian knitting publications on offer.  I was delighted to find an outlet which supplied patterns in yarn that we could find in this part of the world, and enjoy the occasional article about ‘local’ yarn suppliers and knitting events.  

However, Creative Knitting then got sold to Woodlands Publishing, which has done its darnest to destroy any regard I hold for this magazine.   I have watched its demise over the last couple of issues with dismay, and now, I truly regret that I have wasted precious dollars subscribing to this ‘thing’.   

The source of my annoyance is not only the lack of good knitting patterns (the patterns in this issue are the ugliest designs I have seen for a while, starting with that hat on the cover that looks like a cowpat just landed on the hapless model’s head), but, they’ve now gone and rebranded the thing “Australia’s favourite Knitting and FELTING magazine”.  WTF I say again.  Who wants half the magazine devoted to felting????  Not me.  I don’t think there is a single pattern in that magazine that I want to knit, and as a very first, this magazine is going in the recycling rather than to my well-loved pile of back issues.  I wouldn’t even inflict it on a charity store.  It gives knitting a bad name.  

Autumn 2009 Creative Knitting


From a practised “marketing” eye, I can see that they have converted this magazine into a huge revenue sucker – advertising is up 1,000% (congratulations, Woodlands Publishing).  But sadly, the quality and quantity of the content is down 1,000%.  Not scientific percentages, BTW, just my way of expressing how I feel about it.  Notice the blaring typo on the cover as well – Autumn 2009.  Excuse me, but will someone please tell them we’re in 2010 now.  

The lack of an editor probably also explains why this magazine has sunk so low – with only a publisher at the top, whose only interest would be advertising revenue, it’s little wonder why it’s now so bad. 

So… when my subscription runs out, I shall not be resubscribing.  Nor shall I be interested in picking up a copy from the newstand.  I shall instead, remain a devoted reader of tasteful, quality knitting publications written by people who love knitting.  Such as Vogue’s Designer Knitting, The Knitter, Interweave Knits, Verena Knitting, Knitting Institute, Simply Knitting, Knit Simple and the many other wonderful magazines that address knitting, and only knitting.  With the occasional forgivable crochet or felting pattern slipped in now and again.  

Here are some more howlers from the mag:  

Garter Stitch Vest, Creative Knitting


Sedona Silk Cardigan, Creative Knitting


I could say much about these two pictures, but I shall leave it to your imaginations to construct appropriate captions and observations.  

Perhaps, just perhaps, this magazine is trying to cater to what is more popular in Australia – accessories and items that aren’t warm, due to the much warmer climate over there.  But I can’t imagine that any of my Australian knitter sisters would be any less dismayed by the poor selections of patterns on offer.  

It is such a shame that there aren’t any (it seems) magazines devoted to this art that have an Australasian slant, and presented with integrity, in a professional and non-obviously money-grubbing manner.


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  1. That Garter Stitch Vest is horrible, that poor girl ugh.