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Knitting in the Rose Gardens


Rose Gardens, Wellington

This site is also about knitting in New Zealand, so I thought  I’d share an experience of knitting in public here.   

I’m one of those people whose schedule fits around child care, so going along to knitting groups in the evening and on weekends doesn’t work.  I thought I’d see if anyone else might be in the same situation as me, and asked the knitters group I belong to on Ravelry if anyone would be keen for a knitting meet-up during the day?   

A couple of individuals were very generous and said they’d be interested in starting a day knitting group.  How exciting!!  The appointed day dawned.  It was Wellington’s first early Autumn morning – beautifully sunny and crisp.  Perfect!    

The Rose Gardens smelt heavenly as I sat in the sunshine outside the café, happily swatching my latest exciting project (a sample from the new Stansborough yarn).  The scent of roses is extremely relaxing and good for the mood, and that day, it did truly feel like nirvana – a perfect day, a perfect venue, a lovely cup of tea, a perfect yarn to play with, and I was going to get to play with fellow knitters!  What else could a girl ask for?!   

The café is a very bustly place – mothers with young children, cruise goers making a flying visit as part of their bus tour of Wellington, people meeting up for a coffee or lunch.  Fortunately it wasn’t so busy that I felt I was hogging a table (besides, I was enjoying a nice cup of tea).   

Situated at the edge of the rose gardens, it’s a great location to take in the splendid view of thousands of blooming roses of all colours, hues and varieties.  The scent is so uplifting too!   

The café itself serves a nice selection of food and beverage, and service is polite and efficient.   

More of the Rose Gardens, Wellington

I had arrived about 10 minutes after the appointed time, so checked out all the other tables first, in case others had arrived before me.  But seeing no one wielding needles and yarn, decided I was first to arrive.  So I settled in, and started knitting.  An hour passed, and still no one arrived.  Hmm.  I did check my group feed before I left, and there hadn’t been any messages about not coming… anyway, it was fun, sitting in my corner with the sun on my back, feeling the vibe around me.   

So another pleasant 40 minutes passed.  By that time, I figured that life must have got in the way for the others, and it was time to go home.   

My favourite

Of course, when I got home and checked into the actual group forum, there were the apologies… the feed hadn’t picked them up yet.  But never mind.  I’m very glad I got there as it was a lovely, lovely day, and really quite appropriate for demonstrating one’s love of knitting in public.  I’m looking forward to another meet-up soon! 🙂   

Interested in joining us?  Please feel free to send me a message.  There is also another group that meets every other weekend or so in the Rose Gardens. 

I leave you with some more pretty pictures of the roses.  

More lovely roses

More lovely roses


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4 thoughts on “Knitting in the Rose Gardens

  1. Thanks for the memories from a Wellingtonian abroad. I loved the Rose Gardens and often visited them when I lived in Wellington.

  2. And I am the very shame-faced person who failed to turn up!! I’m looking forward to actually meerting you this Friday though! 🙂