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A happy magazine day

After yesterday’s dissatisfaction with the contents of my mailbox, I was very happy to find the latest issue of Knitting in today’s offering.  Hurrah!  

Oh my.  There are so many yummy projects I want to knit in it!  I’m not one of those people who really wants to see magazine reviews.  I don’t want the fun spoilt for me!  It is annoying to find an entire magazine talked about before you get it.  

However, I just can’t help  myself… for those in New Zealand who have to wait another two months before you get your copy of the March issue of Knitting… here’s a wee peek at why you should haunt your newstand on a daily basis until it arrives:  

Medallion cable gilet by Sian Brown, Knitting March 2010


This is it!!  This has got to be the design for my troublesome alpaca yarn.  It’s done in Artesano Aran (50% wool/50% alpaca) so the fibre type is right.  I may have to fiddle the alpaca yarn I do have (holding a strand of 4 ply and 8 ply together perhaps?) but somehow I shall make this!  Sian Brown has designed some very nice things lately, so it’s about time I sampled her work.  

Duffel coat by Sian Brown, Knitting, March 2010


See what I mean.  Another Sian Brown design.  I haven’t got the Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed, or any other chunky type yarn to substitute what the pattern calls for.  Tension is 12s x 18r over 10cm on 6.5mm needles.  This may have to wait until my tax refund comes through.  But on the other hand, I do have that 100% wool from Little Wool Co in 12 ply.  And if I add an 8 ply, will the tension be the same?  Hmm…. 

Peruvian Jacket by Maria Dean, Knitting, March 2010


This design is rather sweet.  The small colour work panel on the back will add interest to the knitting process without sending me mad.  This one is also in Artesano Aran.  A “perhaps” once I have finished my big list of other projects I have queued for 2010!  

Also in this issue is a fascinating article about knitting for film and TV and a feature on up and coming designers who have used knitting in their work.  The giveaway insert is a great Debbie Bliss booklet of baby designs (why aren’t my kids small enough any more!?) and a free hat pattern.  

All in all, a very satisfying first look.


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