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A day at the beach


Heritage Cardigan at the beach


It was a gorgeous day today.  We decided to go to the beach.  

I thought it a good opportunity to also take some photos of my newly completed  awesome Heritage Cardigan.  In case you are wondering, not long after we got there, a stiff Southerly sprang up, and I actually needed to wear it! 

I love the beach.  Every time I go, I am amazed, fascinated and inspired anew at the glorious wonder of colour, texture and detail in nature.  

These chitons are amazing.  

Chiton Glaucus


 Look at the detail in close-up! 

Close-up of Chiton Glaucus


And the lovely contrasts and tones you can find if one stops to look… 

Seashell on drift wood


Paua shell on the beach


Delicate seaweed - gorgeous colours for a hand-dyed yarn!


Spotted Top Shell Maihi - stitch pattern perhaps?


It just takes a cloud to go behind the sun, 

So close to the edge of the world


 and come out again… 

Heritage Cardigan back


So much visual and tactile stimulation.  No wonder Eric and I come home tired.  But refreshed and energised at the same time. 

I am writing a separate post sharing my technical learnings on the Heritage Cardigan, but for now, I leave you with the view. 

Happy days on the beach


Makara Beach, Wellington


Enjoy your weekend.


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2 thoughts on “A day at the beach

  1. Thanks for sharing your pretty beach pics – I’ve had my face in a dust mask today sanding and painting the house, so this glimpse is much appreciated!!