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Sneak peek at new yarn store offerings in Wellington

Tired of making unfruitful daily visits to my favourite online yarn suppliers to see if they had anything new yet, I went and had a really good poke around Knit World today. 

It’s so soul-restoring to go and have a bit of yarn immersion now and then.  And I have made a few very happy discoveries! 

In store now:

Touch Yarns – finally!!  They’ve started stocking the single colour 4 and 8 plys!  Not all the stock has arrived yet, but this made me very happy.

Ashford  – I mentioned in my South Island yarn tour post [here] that Ashford have a new 4 ply merino range called Mackenzie.  Well, it’s in stock at Knit World!  The colours are simply gorgeous, and will be very, very good for colourwork (she can feel another bout of fair isle coming on!!)

Zealana – I have talked about their very tempting Tui yarn in Autumn Happiness [here], but truly, I shall die if I don’t buy some Zealana this winter.  Top of my list are Tui and Rimu.  Rimu is amazing – so.many.colours!!!  As Lynn in the shop said “How am I to fit them all on the rack!?”  Don’t check out Knit World Studio’s website for the colours though.  They aren’t accurate.  And they are not all loaded yet.

Artisan Lace – There was a basket of the most delectable little buttons of colour on earth from Margaret Stove’s Artisan Lace.  Sigh.  Hand-dyed, 2 ply, laceweight, 100% NZ merino yarn.  Just to die for.  One skein will knit a lace scarf that you will be proud of forever.  I’m still smarting from my intarsia experience though, and lace and I are not yet friends either.  So I shall drool at a distance for now.

Opal sock – What seems like the whole colour range is there – about 10 different colourways ranging from a delicate minty green/purple grey combination which I found very appealing, all the way through to the blues and darker red/oranges.  I’m not a sock knitter, but I’m sure there will be some excited people over this one.

Naturally – The Aran Tweed is finally on the shelves and looking sexy in a nice range of colours.

I shall dream in colour tonight.  Blissssss.


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