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The tale of two slippers

The wonderful aroma of hot coffee in the morning.  There’s something about it that makes you feel all is well with the world and the day is going to start right.  Especially when the sun is streaming through the windows, and you’re feeling all snug in a favourite hand knit.  Aaah.  

I finished one pair of slippers yesterday.  Here they are:  

Eric's slippers

These were meant for my niece, but when I tried the first completed slipper on my son for size, he got one of those looks that said “ohhh, these feel nice….!”  When I tried to take it off, he complained.  I looked at him, and said “Do you want to keep it on?”  He nodded, and said “Yes, please.  They make my foot warm!”  He was already wearing other slippers.  But obviously these ones are superior in comfort and warmth to the shop-bought variety that he was wearing.  Impatient “When are you going to finish the next one?” remarks followed until both feet were duly cocooned in warm, soft wool, to his great glee.  

I then had to make another pair.  It was probably a good thing anyway.  Earina’s feet are slimmer than Eric’s and he needed yarn laces to keep his slippers on. A slightly smaller size was required.  Also, I noticed that the yarn I had used started to fluff and blur almost immediately, which didn’t look very nice to me (a chunky weight from a brand called Hummingbird.  Now discontinued).   

I decided to change yarns.  At this juncture, I could have experimented with felting, which I haven’t done yet.  But the weather has decidedly turned towards winter now, and a certain little girl is wondering if she will ever get nice cuddly slippers like her sister and cousin.  So I won’t go there for now.  

This was a chance to give the Little Wool Co. (LWC) pure wool naturals 12 ply another road test!  Its three-ply construction means it’s a much more hard-wearing yarn that the one I initially used.  It’s likely to stand the test of time and friction from active little feet a lot better.  So here is the second pair, knitted in LWC’s Obsidian this time:  

Earina's slippers

I’m a few minutes away from completing the second pair, but I thought I’d show you their basic construction so you can see how easy they are to make.   

If you were thinking of making a pair, they are from the book “Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living” and the pattern “All-Time Favourite Slippers” is by Marjorie Moureau.  It’s on Ravelry – I have supplied the link here.  

The instructions give one baby size, one child, one youth, one woman and one man size.  Some customisation may be required to get the slipper to fit the foot you are making it for.  

In my case, my gauge was 15s x 31r to 10cm in garter stitch, on 5.5mm needles.  For a 19cm long foot, I cast on 34 stitches, worked in garter for 12cm, then cast off 5 stitches from each end.  Then a further 2cm in garter before changing to single rib for 5cm.  Lastly, two rows of 2ktog across the row to the end, threaded the yarn through the remaining stitches and drew them up.   

To sew up, I folded the slipper in half lengthways, and mattress stitched the back seam to make the heel, making sure that the seam was on the outside (for comfort), and joined the top of the foot up.  I also stitched a centimetre or so into the cuff to close up the foot.  

I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform!


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