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An answer to stranding

A while ago, I blogged about stranding colours for my Heritage Cardigan and wondered if carrying one yarn over and one yarn under was correct (here for the post). It certainly made life a lot easier while knitting!

I got my answer yesterday, in a Knitting Daily newsletter which I’ve linked to here. Yay! Not only does Kathleen under/over like me, but she also keeps one colour on her left, and the other on her right!  Just like me… (happy glow emanating from this end of the screen).  The newsletter also has good tips about weaving in, including a video from Eunny Jang on knitting the ends in as you go.  Knitting Daily/Interweave Knits to the rescue again!

I’ve also suddenly seen a lot more photos of the inside of stranded projects on the Internet (funny what happens when you start looking for them), and they do all have yarn stranded straight along, instead of slanting.  Another comforting thing to me.

With that, as soon as my latest project is off the needles, I shall begin my next IntSweMoDo2010 (International Sweater-a-Month Dodecathon) project, the beautiful Drops Jumper with Raglan Sleeves in Two Threads (it’s a black alpaca with a white flower design around the yoke).  And I shall strand fearlessly!

Happy Easter.


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