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Looking for Zealana patterns?


Recently, I’ve had a bit of fun observing knitters.  When it comes to buying yarn, it seems that the world is divided into two camps:  the Stashers and the Project Knitters.  

A lot of New Zealanders seem to be Project Knitters.  In other words, they need to have a project in  mind, and a pattern, before they purchase yarn.  In fact, observing them at my LYS, a lot of people seem to spend more time looking for a pattern than thinking about the yarn.  That’s not my idea of Fun.  But then, it takes all sorts to make the world go round!  

I thought about this the other day as I fondled enjoyed looking at some extremely enticing Zealana yarn.  There’s this lovely Zealana, but guess what?  No pattern books.   A couple of leaflet patterns, but that’s about it.  Not very helpful to a Project Knitter who starts first at the pattern book section.  I saw a couple of ladies look quite excited to find the yarn, but once they’d seen the few patterns available, walked away looking disappointed.  Oh dear.  

These yarns are all standard weight – it’s quite easy to find a pattern from somewhere else to suit the yarn gauge, but I know this doesn’t help some.  Especially if one is already stressing about how to find the pattern for that project you have in mind.  Let alone then worrying whether an alternate yarn you like will indeed work out at the tension you’re supposed to get.  

I’ve noticed that there are actually a few pattterns for Zealana floating around, especially in the Vogue Knitting/Designer Knitting magazines.  So I thought I’d talk about them.  Here are some I’ve seen in recent publications:  

1.  Designer Knitting (also VK), Winter 2009/10.  Pattern no. 25.  Edna Hart’s long-sleeved buttoned cardigan.  In Zealana’s Aspire Tui.   

#25 Wide Rib Cardigan in Zealana's Aspire Tui

2.  Man’s cabled vest in Tui by Lisa Ellis in Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2010.  I’ve seen it modeled by a woman on Ravelry, and it looks rather nice!  (It’s under The Outdoor Life – the grey v-neck).  

3.  Feather and fan scarf by Jill Gutman Schoenfuss.  Pattern no. 31 in Vogue Knitting and Designer Knitting’s Spring/Summer 2010 issue.  Using Kiwi in Fingering weight.  Here’s a link to the picture on Ravelry.  

Here are some others:  

Designer Knitting (also VK), Fall 2009. Pattern no. 9, Cathy Carron’s eyelet cap. In Zealana’s Rimu yarn. It’s a popular pattern. According to Ravelry stats, over 280 people have knitted it already. If you don’t have the Fall edition of either Vogue Knitting or Designer Knitting, I’m not sure how you can get this pattern aside from buying a back issue, or borrowing a copy from a friend. I couldn’t find it for sale in the pattern section of Vogue Knitting’s website. Sadly. I have knitted this cap, and it is very lovely too!

Hat in Rimu

#9 Eyelet Cap in Designer/Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009 in Zealana's Rimu

Vogue Knitting website – cables and lace handbag.  You will be able to see it by clicking on the link, but you need to register (free) to download the free pattern.  

Zealana has also now got one free pattern on its site – the feather and fan shawl as shown in Vogue Knitting’s Spring/Summer 2010 issue.

Cute baby jacket turtles by Claudia Pacheco on Ravelry.  This is a pay-for pattern, but very reasonable, and very cute!  

There are a few more patterns available on Ravelry – simply search “Zealana” under Patterns, and you’ll find them.  There is one free pattern.  I think the rest are pay-for.  

There have been other very lovely patterns made up in Zealana yarn.  You can have a drool over them on The Yarn Sisters’ website (  However, as the distributor of the yarn, I suppose you might have to find one of their stockists who has the pattern – Knitting Today stocks quite a few.  Search “Zealana” and you’ll find them.  

One hopes that more of these patterns will be available as online downloads at some point.  But for the time being, there is a fair amount of choice around. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Looking for Zealana patterns?

  1. hey i liked your post very much

    its great….and helpful
    am learning for social work

  2. Very funny! I have observed this too. I think it stems from having been taught to knit from patterns and always being around mum/granny who follows a pattern religiously. Also – this must be where alot of yarn manufacturers and pattern publishers make their money. So they must want to keep it this way – its not in their interests to suggest alternative yarns.

    Despite this, I always buy my yarn first (on impulse) and then I’m trying now to get a feel for patterns so I can adjust them.

    I love the book ‘Intertwined’ by Lexi Boeger (aka PluckyFluff) as its about handspun yarns and has patterns at the back for handspun. These seem quite adaptable as handspun is quite variable.

    BTW – I love that eyelet hat from VK. Will look for a back issue!

    • Great feedback! Thank you! I must look out for that book. The other one I like is A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd. It’s helpful to me because she also suggests alternative yarns to the handspun so that you can match the gauge.

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful post!

    You already point out that Yarnsisters has a list of patterns on the website

    There is also a list of dealers by state on the website. If you see a particular pattern you like, contact your nearest LYS. If you still are having trouble, email Claudia at sales (AT) and she’ll be happy to help direct you.

    Also, as you mention, you can search the Ravelry database for patterns in the similar weight/gauge. Possum yarns are best substituted for Alpaca or Cashmere blends because of the warmth and softness of Possum. It “blooms” nicely too with a wonderful halo effect.

  4. Also Zealana has a distributor in Europe called Lanamania, they have some wonderful patterns for the Zealana yarns and they are available for purchase online.

    • That’s fantastic to know! Thank you!

      • We’ve used a couple of Lanamania patterns from Ravelry and loved them! Chic Knits by Bonne Marie has several patterns that work up beautifully in Zealana DK’s.
        Carolyn Doe has a whole line of accessories in Zealana, and Knit Happy has several.
        We have commisioned several new designs of our own, so pattern support is growing:-) Booklets too!