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My 13 yr old has been sharing funny quips out of FMyLife with me.  One that had us both in fits of giggles went something like this “A really hot guy got on the bus and smiled at me.  Attempting to look cool, I put in my ear buds and started humming.  He laughed and got off the bus.  I realised why – I had put the cords of my hoodie into my ears.” 

So what are the knitting funnies?  Well, FMyLife is about rather not so nice stuff that happens to people in everyday life.  People can say whether they’re sympathetic or not (a bit like the “love” “disagree” “agree” options in the Ravelry forums).  There are quite a few of those stories in knitting! Like:

1.  I spent a whole two weeks knitting a jumper for my five-year-old, in a design and yarn I knew he’d wear.  I proudly tried it on him after it was done.  He looked down at it, and said “Well, it’s very nice, but it’s not my favourite colour!”  And refused to wear it.  😦

2.  I decided to knit my daughter a nice cotton jumper, one that she’d love.  I had (I thought) about 16 balls of Cleckheaton cotton in my stash.  Merrily, I cast on, and persevered through a project I was not particularly enjoying.  When I got to the last sleeve, I ran out of yarn.  In horror, I searched through all my stash bags, and every other place I might have put more.  But no, it’s.all.gone.  And I still haven’t joined up the pieces and knitted the yoke yet.  I only hope I can find more of the same yarn dye batch from somewhere…!!!

3.  We were visiting Wanganui, and I happened to spy an exciting looking yarn shop.  My children dragged me away from the door in rebellion.  When I finally managed to convince them to let me have just a wee peek, and went back to it, the shop had shut for the day!!!  I was so angry.

4.  I bought a great bargain off TradeMe – a whole bag of pure Angora yarn – for only $45!!  But when I got the bag, and took out the yarn, it fell apart in tufts.  Moths had got there before me.

5.  One day, I found this amazing yarn in a store – it was only $5 a ball!  I thought the band said 100% wool.  I got 10 balls for a project I wanted to knit.  But when I got home, and looked at it more closely, I realised it was 100% acrylic!  I only use natural fibres.

Any you want to share?



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2 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. Mmm – I think the moth-eaten yarn dealer definitely deserved a negative feedback!

    I bought a ball of Patons Shadow Tweed to test it out for a potential project – I really loved the purpley colour flecked with tweedy bits other colours and was quite excited I had found a chunky that might work. After a few rows of my swatch I sat back to admire it, as you do, and noticed it was knitting up a slightly different shade to the ball. How could that be? Inspecting further I discovered inside the ball fuschia and red colours – yes I had unknowingly bought a variegated yarn!
    I was a bit annoyed, as apart from the vague reference by way of ‘Shadow Tweed’ on the label, there was no way of telling! Just as well I only bought a test ball and not the whole 7 balls required!