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Romney day


Romney lamb



This cute little Romney sheep was at an agricultural venue I went to recently.  

Isn’t it gorgeous! 

Romneys can also be coloured, and produce a long staple that is reasonably lustrous.  Romneys are not particularly good knitting wool sheep.  They have strong wool (between 30 – 40 microns), best made into heavy outerwear, bedding and carpets.

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2 thoughts on “Romney day

  1. This cute little Romney face immediately takes me back to my childhood!

    I was raised on a farm, and any lambs that happened to lose their mothers were raised by my siblings and me – each morning we would get up early before the school bus, mix up some milk powder with warm water, fill the bottles and put on a teat, and feed the lambs 🙂

    • That’s so cool. I’m envious! I didn’t grow up on a farm, but in school holidays we sometimes visited our cousins who did – it was a very exciting experience to go out and feed the pet lamb! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.