A little bit of lace

This is a story of two parts:  of how I saved a potentially not-so-great pullover, and made friends with lace.   

I’ve never been overly good at lace.  Too many lines to follow before a repeat.  I’d lose concentration and make a mistake… and get annoyed and frustrated with all that ripping back.  Even with a lifeline.  You often can’t “see” the order of the pattern in a lace project as you are knitting, to help avoid those awful mistakes.  My favourite knitting style is to get the pattern established in my head (or be able to see what I’m supposed to do next based on what I’ve already knitted), and then not have to refer to the instructions too often.   

However, the April issue of Let’s Get Knitting’s newsletter featured a pattern for a hand-knitted lace edging that I liked the look of.   Only eight line repeats, not too tricky.  I printed it out for reference and put it away.    

Also percolating at the back of my mind was a situation I needed to resolve:  When it started to get cold last month, I gleefully pulled out one of my recent Finished Objects, a colourful, fun, variegated chunky boucle pullover from Little Wool Co that comes as a ‘kit’ in one glorious 450g hank:   

LWC chunky boucle jumper


I put it on, but after I had worn it a bit, realised that I’d made the classic mistake and knitted the sleeves a bit too short, and my wrists were cold.  Not comfy.  When will I remember that I have slightly longer arms than the average person!??  What to do?   

I wondered about knitting a bit more of the boucle yarn on to the sleeve to lengthen it.  But thought it would look a bit clunky.    

Then I remembered the lace edging pattern – would a bit of lace around the sleeve work?  And if so, what on earth would I use to tone with the colours of the boucle?   

I remembered Anna Gratton told me that all she designed her yarns to tone in with each other.  So I pulled out some of her machine washable 100% wool 4 ply in Cherry that I had in my stash.  The colours looked complementary to me… so I knitted up one edge, blocked it  


and sewed it in.  Hurrah!!!   


I rather like it.  I think it has turned a rather ordinary pullover into something that’s a little bit special.  (Hopefully I won’t get laughed at in the street for having poor taste…!).   


The only thing I’m wondering about now is whether to do a little edging into the neck to balance the addition of the extra yarn.  What do you think?  

A small hint of lace in the “v”?   

The lace edging was so quick to knit up, and so pretty, and I didn’t make any mistakes. :0)  It makes me wonder if I could engage in more ambitious lace projects now – as long as the row repeats aren’t too many??

6 thoughts on “A little bit of lace

  1. Very nice rescue. We think a tiny trim around the neck to balance is a good idea. Maybe just a little crochet detail around the neck.

    1. Thank you! I do love the lace detail. It’s made the pullover so much more ‘classy’ somehow (to me, anyhow!). I think I will have a play with some detail for the neckline, especially after your advice – your designs are very tasteful! As I said to Ginga Squid, I’m not keen on making it too frou-frou, but no harm in experimenting a bit!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog! Isn’t it great how knitting provides a constant challenge if we wish it.
      I like your blog – what fun to replicate Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Needlework!

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