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Knitting in your sleep


I didn’t think this was technically possible until last night. But I somehow fell asleep knitting, and woke up as I was casting off. I got the shock of my life!

I’ve had a very tiring week. I’ve moved house. On my own, with active bouncy child in tow. Unless you also count the two movers who helped carry the heavy stuff from one house to the other. Only it seems they did not know how to read because they put everything in the WRONG rooms despite careful labelling of boxes and furniture. Grrr.

It’s almost all organised now, except for the problem of where to put all my yarn! Don’t worry – I have a sneaky plan there. It’s called a 12 cubby unit – like you see in yarn stores! Hehe. I shall have my very own yarn store in my room!  Woohoo!

Despite being more tired that I have ever been in my entire life (and several kilos lighter, with arms of knotted muscle), I was suffering serious knitting deprivation and had to do some to relax the spinning mind. It was only 10.30pm, and I really wanted to make that swatch for a hat I’m planning. It’s very exciting – an English rib stitch I haven’t used before.

Somehow, I nodded off, but kept on knitting! How that is possible, I shall never know. I must have been semi-conscious.  How else could I have started casting-off!??


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8 thoughts on “Knitting in your sleep

  1. I’m kind of afraid, I’ve heard of sleeping walking but sleep knitting! Did you make any dreaful mistakes? I think it could be possible to knit even when sleep if you were someone who could do in semiconsciously but casting off seems quite specific to do while aslep. Did you do it in the right place?

    • Amazingly, there were no mistakes. Which is part of why I got such a fright. Does that mean my sleep knitting would be better than my awake knitting!?

  2. OMG – how freaky? And so you followed the pattern while asleep/semi asleep? That is so cool – think of all the productive nights you will now be able to have, things will knit themselves and you will be able to wake up all refreshed!!!! Like the shoemaker’s magic elves….

    • It was! The fact that it was a new stitch pattern was even more scary… I’m not sure I’d like to make a habit of it. I don’t think I’d like to not know what I’m getting up to! The mind boggles!

  3. That is seriously amazing… I don’t know what to say except I wish I was already so good at knitting I could do it in my sleep 🙂 Enjoy the new home. Your Yarn cupboard sounds Amazing… I hope it’s a thoroughly good place for you

    • Thanks Lance! The yarn cupboard is interesting. It appears, now I can see what I’ve got, that I have a general preference for red, green and natural colours. With very little else in between! This presents an interesting situation. Does this give me permission to go out and buy more yarn to supplement my colour range!? ;o)

  4. Oh yes! You definately have to top up your wool inventory. If you are already knitting in your sleep, imagine what psychological horrors await you with such an unbalanced color palette. Quick. . . Get out there and buy an indigo or two, or even better, a nice collection of handspun, handpainted skeins 🙂 i spent the afternoon dyeing and painting some wool, what a lot of fun. Just got to decide what to ply it with. I posted some progress pictures on my blog Comments are welcome