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Town vs. country

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There are definite benefits and disadvantages to a move to the country. Personally, I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven. 


Why?  Because: 

It’s natural noise. Hearing the day wake up –tuis singing, magpies warbling, parakeets screeching, pukekos calling, fantails peeping, sparrows chirping, ducks quacking, dogs barking, cows mooing, sheep baaing, horses whinnying, chickens clucking. It’s fantastically fabulous. Of course, it’s subtle noise too – not in your face. You have to sit and soak up the new morning, and listen to pick out the individual calls. 


Flock of pukekosLong red legs, blue and purple feathers, fluffy white "panties" - they're soooo cute!!



At night, it’s quiet.  I can’t hear the people neighbours, or sirens, or cars.  Especially boy-racer ones, with their booming, thudding stereos.  Or the downstairs neighbours having personal conversations.  Just moreporks (a NZ owl) and pukekos calling. 

The water tastes good.  It comes from a stream.  I filter it before drinking, just to be safe.  And somehow it’s made me extra careful about water usage.  Funny that. 

There is outside space we can call our own. 

Eric even has a climbing frame and swings! 

There are sheep – in the paddock right next to my backyard!  Squeak! 

Coopworth next door!


The neighbours are cool, down-to-earth types. 

I can have a vegetable garden.  And there won’t be a garden butcher (I refuse to use the word “gardener” when it comes to that man provided by the rental agency) to weed-whack/tip garden clippings over/destroy all my hard work.  Do you know how long it takes to turn over soil for a garden and prepare it for planting!!???  To then have someone merrily dump the sad chain-sawed remnants of garden “trimmings” all over it is one of the most infuriating things that can ever happen! 

Lichens on the fence


I love lichens - there are so many here


Of course, in paradise, there are points that take some getting used to.  Such as: 

Mice.  I’ve trapped three under the kitchen sink already.  I hope they don’t decide my yarn is a nice place to live. 

No mobile phone coverage.  No broadband!!  I have to use dial-up, which is forcing me to find creative ways to continue to blog. It’s called – draft everything in Word first.  Then copy and paste into blog.  Make a change, knit a bit while waiting for the connection to respond.  I may still have to invest in a t-stick (portable wireless broadband device) and become a café haunter.  

The worst thing about dial-up is that it takes forever and ever to receive information.  Checking emails has gone from a 15 minute job to taking over an hour.  Reading other people’s blogs is almost impossible at certain times of the day when data usage is obviously high.  Sigh.  That t-stick is looking mighty attractive about now. 

It’s a few more minutes’ drive into town.  But I don’t really mind that.  It’s the payoff to having peace. 

I could definitely get used to this.  I just wish Telecom New Zealand would hurry up and upgrade that box so we can join the rest of the civilised world in (speedy) cyberspace! 

In the meantime, I hear there’s a neighbour in the area who breeds coloured sheep for handspun yarn. I shall have to track her down…


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  1. Longing to be there and wake up to the Tui singing. Technology would be a small price to pay! (sigh)