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Heart-stoppingly beautiful alpaca

 Be still my beating heart!   

Andy at Flagstaff Alpacas sent me pictures of his freshly dyed 100% alpaca yarn this week.  I literally stopped breathing and my heart went thumpety, thumpety, thump when I saw them.   

Oh my gosh…!!!  I just LOVE and want them all!  My laptop has nearly drowned in puddles of drool…  How do I choose!!??  The Andy Nailard/Doe Arnott “partnership” has done it again!      

Here are the photos, reproduced here with kind permission from Andy:  

4 ply alpaca, Flagstaff Alpacas

I am particularly in love with the green 4 ply, called Marmalade.  

8 ply alpaca, Flagstaff Alpacas

As for this 8 ply, can I have ten of each!!???  After much nail-biting decision making, during which time I had to give myself several talking-tos about “looking after the budget” and “being sensible”, I’m going to get the brown-toned hank, the third from the right.   

Extra-fine boucle alpaca, Flagstaff Alpacas

You can’t really tell from this picture, but this boucle is 4 ply, the extra-fine variety.  Not the chunky 12 plys of other boucle suppliers.  

If you want to know more about this yarn and how to knit with it, visit my page on alpaca.  The 8 ply is almost exactly like Artesano’s Hummingbird in terms of spin, weight and feel.  It’s kitten-fur soft, and knits like a dream.  It’s so buttery soft that when I knitted my last project in this yarn, it went doubly slow because I couldn’t help myself and kept stopping to stroke it and admire the lovely colours.   There are 190m to each 100g hank.  

If you’d like to purchase some, visit

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