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I pulled this sublime hank of Little Wool Co. Wool Alpaca Boucle from my stash yesterday. 

Little Wool Co. Wool Alpaca Boucle, Iris, 200g

I could stare at it all day long. 

It’s meant to be a wrap, although you could use it for anything you want.  Including combining it with another yarn to add interesting colour and texture variation to your project. 


Every turn of the hank shows a different colour facet. 


It’s soooooo gorgeous!!! 


Look at the lustre when it’s in the sun. 


It sits beside me as I knit a nice, sensible project. The yarn I’m knitting with is lovely, and I’m already planning other projects in it because it’s actually great stuff.  But it’s well, just not as exciting as the colours I’m looking at.  


Having the hank beside me is good motivation. Knit this practical number, and then you get to play with the fun stuff! 

I’m almost afraid to knit it. Would I love it as much knitted up as a shawl?  But then again, it might turn out to be an all-time favourite!  

Or perhaps I could mix it through that black mohair I’ve been hoarding, and turn it into something quite cool! 

Oh the mind spins!  Isn’t it great what a good yarn can do to the creative juices!?

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5 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. That IS Gorgeous. You are very disciplined, having it there, next to you and not getting completely distracted from your practical work. But then again who says that admiring and playing with such a beautiful, inspiring yarn is wasting time? appreciation is magic, after all 🙂

    • Discipline is my middle name. 😉 But good things always taste better when you’ve earned them, I think. Probably my very strict upbringing showing through here! I’m glad you like the colours too – they are soooo pretty. I am so determined to cast on soon that I knitted like a demon this afternoon, and finished my practical project – with only the side seams to sew now. The power of motivation, huh!?

  2. Your photographs are lovely – makes me want to quit working and knit!

  3. hi, i just chanced on your blog and I have to say I agree with you re the beauty of that yarn, all the colours and the texture, mmmmm….
    best of luck with your online company and your work,
    i’ll be back for a longer look around over the weekend,