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Blue Gum and Marmalade


Dear friends 

Meet my new playmates – Blue Gum and Marmalade! 

Blue Gum and Marmalade, Flagstaff Alpacas


Marmalade, 4 ply 100% alpaca, 480m to 100g


A playful trio of lime, olive and golden tones.  It’s pretty, and cheerful and reminds me of the tones in the grass just as it’s turning to autumn.  Marmalade tells me she wants to become a shawl.  

Blue Gum, 8 ply 100% alpaca, 190m to 100g


I can see why this is called Blue Gum.  Gorgeous tones of brown, teal, olive green, grey, chestnut – just like the bark and leaves of the blue gum tree.  Doe Arnot does amazing things with colour.  

I already know what I’m going to do with Blue Gum: 

Next project - Garden Jumper, Knitting mag, May 2010


A pretty edging for a pretty project, no?  It combines very nicely with a light fawn alpaca I have in my stash from a small alpaca producer.  

And in the meantime, until I finish up that last little seam on my current project, it shall adorn the flat, along with Iris, as an arrangement to inspire.  Instead of flowers, I have hand-dyed yarn. 

An arrangement of alpaca to delight the visual senses


The postman was very kind today. In addition to these gorgeous, wonderful 100% alpaca creations from Flagstaff Alpacas, I also received Interweave Knits’ Summer issue! 

I don’t know what to do first – read the magazine? Knit my most pretty yarns? I’m the cat who got the salmon… ALL TO HERSELF! Hahahahahhaa!!! 

I’m so lucky to have access to so many beautiful New Zealand yarns to play with. 

Whoopee! It’s nice to have happy days like this.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Gum and Marmalade

  1. That marmalade has me salivating. You ARE a lucky girl, having all those beautiful yarns avialable. Thanks for sharing the links to the makers/ dyers no the yarn, it’s always interesting to see what others get up to. Enjoy your beautiful new babies.

  2. Our first yarns we made fat, chunky blankets out of, in fact i’m busy with one Now. Since then we’ve been experimenting with different blends. at the moment we’ve got little piles of beautiful fibre all over the studio. The new yarns we’ll be making to sell on. I’ll be posting pics soon 🙂 we use silk, mohair, merino and are getting linen and alpaca fibre this week to try out.

  3. Beautiful yarns. You knit such lovely garments. Whenever I see knitting like yours, I feel that knitting excitement overtake me again…almost like I just began.

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