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Pretty kids knits


My knitting takes on a different purpose each season.  Spring and summer are playtime – when I get to do selfish knits, and experiment with new techniques that I have been thinking about learning but haven’t had the luxury of time for.  Autumn and Winter are ‘down to business’ time – knitting up needed projects for family and friends. 

It’s come as a bit of a shock that playtime has so rudely ended, before I was ready for it.  Suddenly, I have quite a few projects to do that are necessities.  Ah well.  If I knit very hard, I should still be able to squeeze in that lovely Garden Jumper I highlighted in my last post.   As well as a few other projects that fulfil my Ravelry IntSweMoDo and 10 in 2010 ‘obligations’ to self.  Hopefully!

I’ve been quite pleased with the projects I’ve started recently, so I thought I’d talk about them:

I’ve just finished this.  It’s the ‘practical project’ I have previously referred to:

The pattern is Naturally’s N993, Sweater with Textured Panel pattern leaflet.  It’s available in childrens’, womens’ and mens’ sizes.

It’s a knit for a little boy, kindly modelled by Eric, with the help of a bit of chocolate bribery.  It’s the first time I’ve used Naturally’s Tussock, but I have to say I adore it!  It’s pure New Zealand wool, with a polyester effect thread plyed into it (making up 15% of the yarn content).  It’s classic looking and makes Eric look so handsome.  This sweater is for a slightly younger child, hence it’s of the ‘fitting’ description on Eric.  I might just have to make one for him too!

When I first saw this yarn, I thought it felt a bit scratchy.  But knitting with it, I’m finding that the yarn is actually very soft.  It’s the polyester effect thread that’s making it slightly coarse.  But as long as you wear something under the garment, I think you’ll find you love it.   

Tussock comes in three weights – 8 ply (DK), 10 ply (worsted)and 14 ply (chunky), so the things you can do with this yarn are very varied!  I’m having covetous visions of a chunky polo-neck sweater in the charcoal colour.  If I use the 14 ply in this range, I’ll be able to knit it up in no time!  I wonder if I’ll be able to squeeze it in…???

I’m also knitting this:

It’s a thank you, for a friend who was a total life saver and looked after Eric for a day, giving me time to clean up the vacated house during my recent move.  So this little pullover is for her baby daughter. 

I wasn’t quite sure how the actual pattern would look as the picture shown in the magazine (above) doesn’t clearly show the stitches, but it’s really sweet!  I love seeing the little love hearts appear in each row:

I found a typo in Row 2 of the main pattern which had one too many K1 noted in the magazine.  I’ve noted the correct order of stitches below.  The whole main pattern should read:

Row 1:  (RS) K1, *K2, P1, K1, P1, K3; rep from * to end.

Row 2:  P1, *P1, K1, P3, K1, P2; rep from * to end

Row 3: K1, *P1, K1;  rep from * to end

Row 4: as 2nd row

Row 5: as 1st row

Row 6: P all stitches

The original pattern is from the magazine Australian Knitting, Winter issue Vol. 1 No. 2.  Page 51.

I’m using Ihakara Wools‘ 4 ply in pink, and am having a very positive experience.  It’s beautiful wool.  Ihakara is slightly thicker than the 4 ply specified in the pattern (Naturally’s Magic Garden).  But I’ve found that my tension will work for width if I use the instructions in the pattern for the smaller size down (keeping to length specs for the larger size).  Once washed, this wool softens up a lot.  The baby is going to be very cosy in it.

Then there’s also this:

This is also Tussock, in 8 ply (DK) this time.  It’s going to be a jacket, Naturally leaflet pattern N1087.

This 8 ply is quite a chunky 8 ply.  My tension has worked out at 20 sts to 28 rows over 3.75mm needles.  It’s meant to be 22 sts and 30 rows.  Quite how I’d get that tension, I’m not sure – I’d have to go down to size 3.25 needles!  And the resulting knit would be as stiff as cardboard!  So I’m using the instructions for the 10 ply version on 4mm needles, which matches my tension and will create the fabric feel that I want for this project. 

This project is going to be interesting because I’m going to try out the zipper instructions I’ve talked about here. Can’t wait!

Now, if I get through these little projects this week, perhaps I can reward myself by starting a selfish knit next?  So much to do… so little time!


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4 thoughts on “Pretty kids knits

  1. You really are a dedicated knitter, I’m sure your friends are only too happy to do favors for you if they get such beautiful goodies in return.
    Nice job on the sweater that Eric is modeling.

    • Thanks Lance! Knitting is my ‘thing’. If I couldn’t knit, I think I’d go nuts! Knitting for people who appreciate it is one of the most rewarding things a person can do, I think.

  2. The tussock yarn looks as though it knits up lovely. The little baby sweater with the hearts is just beautiful too.

    • Thank you! The Tussock is becoming a favourite – it is knitting up so nicely. I shall definitely use it again. The little baby jumper is almost done – it’s an addictive knit that one!