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When a fellow Raveler who lives in Wellington announced recently that she was having a Needlefood yarn party, I got very excited.  Ooooh!  I get to touch and feel and see the yarns that I had only been able to drool over on the website so far! 

In the end, I wasn’t able to get to the yarn party as it was held on a weeknight, and it’s impossible for me to get out, given childcare commitments, but she very kindly allowed me to go to her house this weekend instead.  

I am not a sock knitter, and this is sock yarn.  But I was immediately seduced by the intense colours and beautiful softness of the yarn.  It’s quite a chunky 4 ply, with 350 metres to each 100g hank.  In contrast, Touch Yarns’ 4 ply has 450 metres to each 100g hank.  It would be perfectly fine for a project not involving socks, I decided.  And because it’s machine-washable, great for a kid’s knit.

So this is what I ordered:

Kellie’s Jaffa (it’s actually a bit softer than the colours you see here – more peachy in tone)

Sweet Chilli (a vibrant, fiery mix of reds and orange – less pink and more red than what you see in this picture)

Plumberry Ambrosia (pretty, pretty, greens and plums)

I am very naughty.  I justified this purchase on the basis that two out of the three yarns I ordered are not for me, but for my nieces.  ;-).  My guess is that the tension will be around 25 sts and 36 rows on 3.25mm needles, so it will be interesting to see if I’m right.

Now, I have something to look forward to in the mail!!! Hehe, a new yarn to review! 

While I was up her way, I also went to visit a yarn store I haven’t been to for a while – Thimbles & Threads, in Upper Hutt.  And there, I saw some very beautiful Touch Yarn – an angora merino blend, hand-dyed in sky blues and spring greens.  It looked so fresh, so lovely.  I wanted it!  Reason got the better of me, and I sadly left it in its basket.  I wonder if it will still be there if I go back in a month’s time..??


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  1. OOO I love the plumberry color!! It’s so pretty. Too bad you’re so far away.

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