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The neighbours

I thought I’d introduce you to some of my neighbours today.

I think they’re Suffolk. Or maybe South Suffolk.  The South Suffolk I saw in my trusty “A Short History of Sheep in New Zealand” by Richard Wolfe, shows the cute mohawk that these sheep are sporting, and the body is most like them too.  Their very fine, dense coat positively identifies them as a down-type sheep.

I think I nearly expired from excitement as they were so friendly, and so pretty.  Not friendly enough to come right up to us say hi, but definitely very interested.  Look at their inquisitive faces!  I want some in my backyard! 

More importantly, I want some of their wool to knit with!  I must track down the farmer to find out if their wool is for sale… and then beg the spinner I know to make me some pretty yarn. 😉 

If these are indeed Suffolks, Clara Parkes tells us in her “Book of Wool” that this down-type sheep has a wool of micron count between 26 – 33, a high crimp, low luster and low felting qualities.  The wool is suitable for midrange garments and outerwear, depending on grade.  I was especially interested to see Richard Wolfe talking about tweed for this breed.  Hmm!  It does look like it might make a nice tweedy yarn.

I really loved the one with the silver coat.  She’s gorgeous!

These very cute little lambs, which I think are Romney, were also inquisitive enough to give us a few minutes of their time.   Someone’s done a very dodgy job of shearing them.  Probably the farmer’s kid on his “training wheels”. 

It’s so nice to live in the country. 🙂


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