It’s done. The Clasica Coat.

I love it! It’s perfect! Exactly the size I want it to be!

I won’t take it off. It’s so snugly. It’s my private cosy cocoon of warmth, all cuddly softness. Big enough to house a roomy pullover and jeans, smart enough to look good with dressier clothes too.

It’s taken me six weeks, but mainly because I’ve taken my time about it.  It was definitely worth it. 

I sat there last night and looked at the picture in the magazine and looked at my coat lying in my lap and thought “I made that!”  It was a moment of utter satisfaction. 🙂

Pattern: Clasica Coat by Deborah Newton

Source: Interweave Knits, Fall 2009

Yarn used: Zealana Tui, in Red Pepper

18 thoughts on “Completed!

    1. You should! I looked at the pattern for quite a while before plucking up the courage to do it. It actually wasn’t as hard as it looked – just quite a bit of knitting! But oh… so worth it!

    1. It is insanely scrumptious and warm! I think it’s the yarn that’s made it for me. I can’t imagine it would be as cuddly otherwise.

  1. Have had this pattern on my wish list since it came out and have toyed with the thought of several yarns in my stash and in the yarn store trying to decide what to use. I think I definitely know now! It looks just stunning! I adore possum yarns and wish I could get Zealana yarns here in Auckland. You deserve to be proud of it and you will be so snuggly and warm during the coldest days of the year that are yet to come – read yesterday that the coldest days are 6 weeks after the shortest day and we are nearly there!

    1. I think I can fulfill your wish there – I discovered recently that you can get Zealana in Auckland – they’re at Mascos and Mishi! Woolyarns have decided to sell Zealana more generally in New Zealand now, so hopefully we’ll soon see more places stocking it too. 🙂 Oh goodie re the cold weather! I’m a cold weather kind of gal (as you’ll have guessed) and have been most disappointed with our winter so far.

      1. Thanks for that – I can see a trip into the city to get to Masco’s coming up soon! I am a warm weather gal, that’s why I love my cosy handknits so much as they help me to cope, especially when they’re made of possum blend!

  2. well done! it looks so good on you and oh so cosy! If only I wasn’t too lazy to knit myself…it’d like to knit me one too 😦

  3. as a new subscriber to “kiwiyarns knits”, i would firstly like to thank you for your very interesting and informative blog. I have found it really enjoyable as well as knowledgable and i am now starting to go backwards in my reading. 🙂 thank you. secondly congratulations on your finished jacket. it looks just fabulous, the colour is wonderful and i am sure you must feel huge satisfaction and absolute delight to have finished it and to be wearing it. i too have that pattern book and have admired the jacket greatly. good work and thank you for sharing your journey upon it. regards margot, oxford, north canterbury

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