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Dying to dye?


Today, I thought I’d share some information on a source that sells great base yarn for dyeing.  This comes from fibre artist Raeleen Bain, under her brand “Woolrae Studios”.  She’s also an Ashford agent – so all the various bits and bobs you need to do the dyeing are available as well.

Raeleen sells mostly commercially spun New Zealand merino yarn, either machine washable or hand-wash.  The base yarn comes in various weights (2, 4 and 8 ply) and compositions.  I’ve seen both merino (19 micron) and merino silk.  Sometimes she gets hold of chunky yarn, but it’s not a regular occurence.

She also sells hand-dyed yarn, Ashford’s Mackenzie (4 ply machine washable merino), sliver and fleece for spinning.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a website, but you can view her products on TradeMe – just search Woolrae Studios.  For some very strange reason, you’ll probably only get one or two search results.  But click into one of the results, and then click into ‘seller’s other listings’ and they’ll all come up.   Most of her materials have ‘buy now’ options, and they are quite reasonably priced. 

Already hand-dyed batches can be quite hotly contested, so if you’re very keen on a hand-dyed colour, do the ‘buy now’ option!  I’m still smarting from losing my bid on some extra pretty semi-solid pink yarn… it was going to be a cute something for one of my nieces. Grump.  |:-( 

One of these days, on a road trip north, I shall have to arrange to pop into her studio in Te Awamutu and have a look at all her other goodies that she doesn’t list on the TradeMe site.

I’ve got some interesting stuff from her.  Here’s an example of her hand-dyed:

But there’s also this:

That’s 12 ply and 8 ply, 19 micron, 100% New Zealand merino.  I wasn’t intending to dye it, just knit something cream.  I’m too scared I’ll wreck the yarn, or the colour will come out horrid, and then it will be wasted.

So… if you are thinking of dyeing a special colour of your own, and don’t know where to find any base yarn, now you do!


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4 thoughts on “Dying to dye?

  1. is her, if you just search “woolrae” selecting members from the dropdown box you should find her.
    Thank you for another supplier to watchout for 🙂

  2. Now that sounds like a fun idea…That would be fun to hand dye some yarn out of natural colourings

    • I’ve got another to add.. you dye it, and I’ll knit it! But then, you might find that the experience of dyeing your own will encourage you knit more!