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A conversation


I had a funny conversation with my daughter about knitting the other evening. It went something like this:

Me: “I hope you don’t mind. I wore your purple fleece pullover the other day. But I actually found it too hot and clammy so ended up taking it off. Wool is really so much more breathable and comfortable to wear.”

Daughter: “That’s ok. You can have the pullover, I don’t want it. But Mum, the reason wool is more ‘breathable’ is because of all the holes in the stitches!”

Me: “Well, maybe you have a point. But I still prefer to wear wool any day.”

Daughter: “That’s just because you like Stone Age things. And having to knit something yourself – all those millions of little stitches!” (shudder at the other end of the line)

Me: “But I like making all those tiny stitches!” (thinking with fizzy joy about making all those millions of tiny stitches…)

Daughter: “Isn’t it just far easier to buy something already made and that is technologically advanced?”

Me: “What, like a fleece made from the same material as plastic bottles…?  No, not really….” (Thinking of how all that ‘technologically advanced’ is just an imitation of what you get in nature anyway…)

Daughter: “You’re just weird” she sighs.

Me: (Naughty giggle. Thinking that in a few years, she’ll probably change her mind and appreciate why I like Stone Age things.) “Well, wearing a fleece is pretty much like being wrapped in a plastic bottle. It’s hot and sweaty.”

Conversation drifts to other things.

Anyway, if we look closely at what we wear every day, knitting is more important than ever – it’s just that most of it is machine-made these days! 

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of wearing something you knitted yourself and that keeps you warm exactly the way you want.


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3 thoughts on “A conversation

  1. i agree … with my first child i never understood the gift of wool as i just reminded me of itchy tops from when i was young. But now with my second child i have learn’t a lot more and appreciate all things knitted now 🙂

  2. Those fleece things really can be horrible to wear, especially next to your skin. But they are cheap-ish, lightweight and effective at keeping you warm on a freezing cold day. Plus, they are something useful made out of something that we throw away, so I am all for them.