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About that yarn…


Ah, my darling daughter. Even though she complains bitterly about my habit, it appears she does indeed listen to my rantings and has learned a few things… She’s currently visiting UK universities to get a feel for them before applying.  And of course, one cannot go abroad without indulging in a little shopping. 

Here’s an abridged and annotated version of our correspondence today for your enjoyment:

“I hope you are happy mother!! I have spent an outrageous sum of money on your yarn! They didn’t stock pure Bluefaced Leicester (and oh geez thanks for making 5 people stare at me as if I was a mad person speaking in Chinese when I asked for “Bluefaced Leicester Yarn”) but I got a Rowan one that is called Purelife and the label says: British Sheep Breeds Chunky Undyed Yarn,  100% British Wool (Happy?).

Furthermore, it contains wool from the Suffolk sheep, Shetland Moorit, Black Welsh, Jacob and  the applause – Bluefaced Leicester. So there you go 🙂 I have attached a picture below that is highly compressed so even one like you can see it. (ed – note the sarcastic tone referring to my dial-up status).


I didn’t think you would want the bleached one or the oatmeal because you already have A LOT of oatmeal (ed – someone has clear memories of the ‘yarn collection’…ahem).

We went to John Lewis and they sold Kaffe Fasset yarn for £12!!!!!!!!!! If only If only I still had some money….. I will not talk to you about the yarn shops as you will drown in your own saliva salivating over the description but we shall talk ASAP when I get back to Hong Kong and then I can save you when I start to hear the tell-tale gargles :D”

My reply (note the extremely happy tone):

“I’m so touched and proud of you that you found some yarn for me, even if it did cost you a bomb. Sorreeeee! Thanks you very muchleeee. 😀

As for the funny looks – if you’d mentioned “keen Raveler” “mad knitter” in the same breath, I think you would have got understanding nods and smiles.

Hmmm… Kaffe Fasset yarn for GBP12? Was it Colourscape Chunky by any chance? (writer begins hyperventilating) That would have been lurverly. It’s twice the price here, and as you imagine, I haven’t bought any. YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME AND ASKED FOR MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!!! EVEN IF IT WAS 2AM HERE!!! Huff.

Next time you go to the UK, I shall send you a pre-loaded Prezzie card with explicit instructions that half of it be spent on yarn! (And the other half would be for you…) Now why didn’t I think of that before? I’m very silly. Ah well, we live and learn! And anyway, you have got me a very lovely ball of British wool, so I can’t complain!”

Sigh.  Now I have to wait until she comes out to New Zealand at Christmas before I get my lovely ball of British wool to play with…


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5 thoughts on “About that yarn…

  1. LOL! What a cool daughter!

  2. Hi, as a kiwi living in Wales,I can appreciate your hunt for exotic yarns that are so hard to source in our little country at the bottom of the world! I found a bargain for you. Check out She has undyed aran BFL 100g for £3.49 (sale section) and she ships to NZ very reasonably (£3 for upto £20, £4 upto £40 etc). If your daughter is still here in the UK and has access to paypal or similar, and a fixed address, the owner/dyer ships very promptly. I personally, love VioletGreen’s sock yarns and can testify that she has a lovely colour range, it might be worth checking back occasionally as I have bought her dyed BFL in the past (a lovely electric blue skein that I have yet to try).

    If you really want some Kaffe Fasset Colourscape Chunky, I can post it to you. I have a lovely LYS near me ( that sells it (£11.95) and I’ve also seen it at Hobbycraft (big box store) for £11 a skein (limited colours). Contact me on Ravelry if you are interested (aknitontheside). I can’t buy yarn for myself at the moment (year long yarn diet experiment!) but I can for others!! and I’d be happy to in appreciation of the fun I get from your blog. Note: Stash Fine Yarns (the celticove website) also ships internationally and they are vey prompt and I can recommend them personally. I’m a regualar and they know me as kiwi Karen, mention me if you make an order. I am not buying from them this year (not yarn anyway) but it would be nice for them to know I am still supporting them.


  3. What a lovely daughter. Funny how those yarn names sound a lot like cheeses…