Possums beware!

Health warning:  Don’t view this if you have a weak stomach.


I’m sorry you had to die

I’m sorry that your kind is unwelcome in this country

But know that your fur will live on

And in death you have served a purpose.


I must have a lot of possums visiting the garden.  I finally found a trap, and set it for the first time last night – and look what was in it this morning.

It’s a sure sign of our adaptation to country life that the first thing my 6 yr old wanted to do when he saw it was to pluck its fur.  The worst thing was that I had to show him how to do it.  Bleeeeecch!

It’s gorgeous fur.  So very soft, and so warm, even in the hand.

So I guess if we get a possum every night, the young man will be a happy little entrepreneur at $100 a kilo for the fur.  And most importantly, New Zealand’s native flora and fauna will have a few less predators to cope with.

8 thoughts on “Possums beware!

    1. It’s amazing how quickly one’s perception changes. We got another one last night – an even bigger one! And its fur was even lovelier! I’m beginning to think of them as walking fur factories… ;-p

  1. We bury our victims in the vege patch to feed our food! It’s amazing how many are out there isn’t it, but I have never tried plucking them – would add to my spinning stash. I thought they could only be plucked when still warm. Are you finding it hard to do. I must try that next time we get one.

    1. I didn’t think I could pluck them cold either, but the son was pretty insistent, so I tried. The fur comes off quite easily. Try the fur on the flank – on its side near the back legs. It’s the softest apparently. But someone said you could go all the way around the main body area. I guess it depends on how much you want to take off. I’m told you get more fur if the body is warm, but I have no intention of springing out of bed at 2am when the trap goes off! Besides, it would be too gross plucking a still-warm body.

      1. I was going to start with “for fear of sounding grose” but this is already a bit that way. My ex sister in law used to get the road kill from around blenim and pluck it… eww.. I bet that was cold LOL

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