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Adventures in yarn

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I’ve had several very nice experiences with overseas yarn lately that I thought I should share with you.  Although I use New Zealand yarn for almost all my projects, it’s always interesting to see what else is out there.  After all, it’s nice to have a change now and again.  And getting little parcels of another country’s yarn is pretty much as close as you can get to a virtual holiday in knitting terms! 

First, a lovely Raveler from the US did a simple yarn swap with me.  I sent her a ball of Zealana Tui, and in return, I got this:

One very beautiful handspun, hand-dyed Cormo Alpaca blend from Strawberry Moon Fibres.  It’s gorgeous, and, I have to say, the softest yarn I’ve ever felt!  It’s even faintly scented with a delicious strawberry scent.  What an education in Cormo fibre!  Thank you, Megan!

Then, of course, my wonderful daughter visited the UK, and very generously and lovingly sent me this:

From a post in which I shared my correspondence with my daughter about this yarn, I got a sweet reply from a fellow Raveler, who offered to send me some Rowan Colourscape Chunky if I really wanted it.  Who could resist!? 

We agreed to do a swap, and in return for a selection of New Zealand yarns she’s like to try, I received this extremely exciting package in the mail yesterday:

What a happy day!! There was the most excited squeaking upon the opening of this parcel!  Kb very generously sent me:  three hanks of Rowan Colourscape Chunky, and as an added surprise, one ball of Rowan Cocoon and Lima from her stash, as well as some of her favourite knitting accessories.   So beautiful, this yarn looks like a painting!

Lima is fascinating.  I haven’t come across it before:

Notice its unusual construction – it’s braided!

I didn’t know that Rowan even has labels that one can put on a knitted garment:

So cool!! 

So, thank you again, Kb!  What a nice day of learning about British yarns!  I’ve just realised that the pretty Autumn colourway in the Colourscape will go very nicely with my recently knitted hat in Naturally’s Aran Tweed:

Super yay!

I’m really happy that I’ve been able to share some of the yummy New Zealand yarns that you can get, and at the same time, also indulge in a bit of learning about what’s out there overseas.  Thanks to the generosity and friendship of some very lovely people.


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  1. Oh my gosh – what treats!!