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The candy cupcake colours


Someone has been reading my blog.  And I am pleased to say, Delighted in fact, that it inspired Someone to take up knitting again!  A mother’s joy knows no ends. 😀 

Not only is she playing with yarn again, but it’s quite flattering that a 17 yr old finds her mother’s blog interesting.  Sometimes too long, but otherwise interesting.

However, that Someone also got jealous, because none of the projects she saw coming off my needles were for her.  And then she found something in an e-shop that looked pretty.  But she couldn’t afford to buy it.  Could I knit something like the pretty thing for her, pretty please?

Of course I could!!  It’s always a very happy feeling when one’s offspring asks you to knit something for them. 

Knowing my daughter, there are important criteria to take into consideration if I am to achieve a successful outcome to this project though. The yarn must be:

  • very soft, and completely non-itchy. 
  • wear very well and not pill so that Someone can keep up impressions in tres chic Hong Kong.
  • light, so that it can be worn in Hong Kong’s non-existent winters.
  • machine washable (easy care). 

Sadly, I couldn’t think of any New Zealand yarn brands with quite the exact playful colours or depth of colour that she wanted me to use that also met the above criteria.  I’d have to go to an overseas yarn.  At first, I thought I’d use Zara.  But it is rather pricey… and then I found this:

The colours are almost exact, right down to the variegated bit for the interesting detail in the garment’s original design.   So there’s at least one New Zealand yarn in it… may the knitting gods forgive me! 

I also know it will wear well, because I knitted a vest for Eric in Shepherd, and he’s now worn it for three whole terms at school, and it’s still as fresh as the day it came off the needles.  Which is saying something given he’s an active 6 yr old boy… 

The more I thought about it, the more I thought this yarn would be perfect for her. 

The swatching has begun! 

After my recent projects, I feel like I’ve gone from wholesome wholemeal bread to the candy cupcake counter!

Isn’t it great how knitting can be so varied!


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5 thoughts on “The candy cupcake colours

  1. Isn’t it funny how ‘they’ come back to hand knits? For so many years my offerings were rejected and unwanted and now ‘they’ come to me, as well, with requests. Makes a mother feel wanted again I guess :-∫ Funny how when one reaches a certain age the lovingly created garment in just the right style and colour becomes as valued as it was when ‘they’ were very young.

    • Great comment – you made me giggle. Yes, isn’t it funny!

      • Thanks and you know, I get so much pleasure from creating what ‘they’ request and seeing the pleasure ‘they’ get from wearing them. I am sure your daughter will love what you are making as much as mine has loved her latest request. I look forward to seeing the finished result

      • I can totally relate. I do hope she likes it. My projects for her to date have not been entirely successful due to her zero tolerance to itch. Hence the fixation with ‘soft’ and getting the colours right. Maybe this time I’ll nail it!

  2. Those colours are gorgeous who could refuse knitting with them. The shepherd is devine.