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One thing leads to another


I’ve had a sweater-quantity of beautiful fingering-weight (4 ply) raspberry coloured New  Zealand merino from The Wool Company in my yarn collection for a while now.  The colour captivated me when I saw it, and I decided it would be perfect for a cardigan for me.  But I haven’t quite got around to knitting it yet.

As you’ll have gathered, I’m an avid supporter of New Zealand yarns.  And my recent purchase of some Australian-brand Shepherd had my conscience having unnecessarily niggly conversations with me.  “Why did you buy that?”  “Because it’s the right colour, it will wear exceptionally well, and it’s light!”  “But you could have substituted it with some New Zealand yarn…”  “BUT THERE WASN’T ANY IN THE RIGHT COLOUR!!!” “Well, you could have chosen an alternative colour…!?” “But I wanted to make it exactly the way it is meant to be!”  and so it went, around and around.  It was most discomforting.

Anyway, when I was in the shop buying the yarn for my daughter, I also spied and considered Naturally’s (NZ brand) fingering-weight merino yarn and I’d have loved to have used that for her project, but the colours weren’t quite right. 

The other morning, I was looking at my lovely raspberry yarn, and it whispered “fair isle… … Naturally merino colours…perfect match…” And so… this had to come home with me today. 

It helped to soothe the guilty conscience.  And I have to admit to a bit of a fascination with fair isle at the moment.  Those colours would make the perfect cute rose motif on a plain raspberry cardigan… I can see it in my mind’s eye now…

We can make all sorts of excuses can’t we?


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7 thoughts on “One thing leads to another

  1. I know all about making excuses. I really do want to only buy organic cotton – but as soon as I see the colour or style I want my naughty imagination supplies all the excuses I need to buy it.

    The colours you have chosen are beautiful.

  2. I just came across this when I was looking at the Best Design Awards website … one of the interactive finalists is an interactive promoting NZ Wool. There’s more about the promotion and the interactive in this article at Prodesign:

    You most probably have already seen it, but I thought of you when I read it!

  3. Oh yes – I meant that – sorry to be so oblique! Seems like they’ve got the carpet promotion well in hand; now they should start on the other uses … a complementary campaign … :o)