Pretty cabled fingerless gloves

A friend who is a weaver and I got talking one day, and we decided to do a swap. I’d knit her something, and she’d weave me something.

She’d been admiring a pair of fingerless gloves I wore, so I decided I’d knit her a pair.  But what style to knit for her? Listening to my friend critique various patterns we were looking at, I realised she had classic taste, and wasn’t overly fond of too much detail or fuss in her clothing. I’m currently very constrained from looking at images online due to the onerous dial-up connection I must now suffer. So going online to look for a pattern was not an option. And I don’t have too many fingerless glove patterns in my personal library.  And the public library is hopeless – the books are always out!

I decided to do my own thing as usual. We chose some of The Wool Company’s pretty Merino Possum for the gloves. Apart from choosing the colour, my friend was happy for me to make the final decision on style.

I decided the gloves would be long – it’s too cold in winter here not to have a nice snuggly layer around your wrists and wrapping your arms. But fingerless to allow her to use them when driving, and not restrict grip. One detail I’ve wanted to incorporate into a pattern for a while is the very pretty way ribbing turns into a design detail in the cross-over between ribbing and a cable.

So the cuff would be in rib, I’d put a gentle cable twist into the wrist (which would be the design feature, aside from the fact that it would help tighten up the wrist section without including any other shaping) and then perhaps I’d make the hand in plain stocking stitch given her preference for plain.

But when I got to the hand, the cables begged to continue.  I really liked how they added interest factor, and decided to let them stay, and I’d see if my friend liked them when I gave her the first finished glove to try for size. Happily, she did.

So here they are:

This is the second pair, which I’ve modified very slightly to the original, and knitted to test my pattern’s accuracy.  Knitted in The Wool Company’s Merino Possum which is a heavy DK or light worsted weight.  If you’d like a pair for your own, here’s the pattern – Cabled fingerless gloves

This is a quick, no-fuss design, knitted in the round.  Finished in a day, and easy enough for advanced beginners to cope with.  I’ve made these the longest length as I love long gloves, but the pattern will give you instructions for short, medium and long.  The other feature of these gloves is the “lace” effect in the thumb gusset, giving the gloves a slightly lighter look to counter the denseness of the fluffy possum. 

But you could also knit the gusset in K1, M1 if you need them freeze-proof.

Hope you enjoy making them!

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