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It’s a matter of opinion

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It’s funny how one person’s “like” can be another’s “ugh!”  Like the other day, when I was proudly showing my mother a photo of the fingerless gloves I had designed and knitted for a friend. 

 And she said “You may as well have knitted a jersey if you want them that long!” 

Confused pause… “What do you mean?” 

“I don’t see why the gloves have to be so long.  If you want your arms warm, why don’t you just wear a jersey?  Won’t it be too bulky if you wear those with a jersey?”

“Ah.  But long gloves help insulate you even more against the cold.  I wear them all the time and they don’t get in the way of my jersey or my coat.  Besides, they’re a “look”.  They’re cool – they look good long.  You can also wear them if you just want some warmth on your arms and not have to wear a long-sleeved top.  My friend really liked them!”

A sniff of disapproval and general muttering about “people who wear outlandish clothing” trails down the corridor.

I shrug.  They’re not her gig. But they sure are mine!!

That’s one of the great joys of knitting.  It allows you freedom to express your individuality and creativity at the same time. 

And today, I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt with the coolest fingerless gloves in a super-light merino, and they reached past her elbows… Suddenly, my forearm-length gloves didn’t seem long enough.  I’m just going to have to knit another pair now.


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One thought on “It’s a matter of opinion

  1. What gorgeous gloves! I love the colour. I’m a fan of long sleeved gloves too. It’s all about the layering 🙂