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Naughty notions


I sometimes look in my knitting notions bag and wonder why I have:

  • 2 tape measures
  • 2 pens
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 notebooks
  • 2 pairs of scissors
  • 2 needle gauges
  • 4 yarn-sewing needles
  • 5 crochet hooks (at last count)
  • 9 cable needles (in varying sizes)
  • countless stitch markers and pins
  • etc.

The stitch markers and pins don’t count.  You can never have too many of those.

But all the rest?

I don’t know about you, but my knitting notions have a habit of going on holiday without my consent.  Like one of my needle gauges at the moment.  It has disappeared without notice, and I have no idea where it is or why it’s not in its proper place.  So I’m rather glad the lovely kb recently gave me another one as part of a swap

Or the cable needle that I am using that sometimes decides to cavort in the kindling basket with the twigs.  And it’s not an excuse that the basket just happens to sit right beside the sofa where I am knitting! 

It’s got to the point where I reach out for the particular item I need, and have to steel myself as I regularly find it’s not there.  And because I’m absorbed in my knitting and can’t be bothered turning the house upside down looking for it, I decide there’s nothing for it, but to buy a spare so that I don’t continue to suffer the inconvenience of having to stop and look for the wretched item. 

At which point, said notion gets jealous and promptly returns to its proper place or decides to appear where I can see it. 

The crochet hooks are particularly problematic.  There’s the matter of that nice blue hook that never really liked being in my kit for some reason.  Perhaps it disliked competition from the other hooks, or it wanted to be a real crochet hook and do crocheting, as opposed to being a stitch-picker-upper, which is what my hooks are used for. 

The minute I got it home, it was obvious that its nose was decidedly out of joint.  It kept escaping from its proper place, hiding itself down the side of the sofa, or under the table, or in a corner somewhere.  Once, it even managed to stow away and hide at my mother’s house, eight hours’ drive away!  I have no idea where it is now, and I’ve resigned myself to the fact it’s obviously gone to a better place.  My other hooks also have a sly habit of sliding off and hiding in a cranny somewhere, meaning that I can’t find them until much later, after I’ve let off a volley of annoyed sounds and had to scratch around at the bottom of my kit to find another that will oblige in the picking up of a dropped stitch.

I’m not a particularly messy person.  All my notions are stored by category in clear ziplock bags in my knitting notions bag, which is itself a see-through mesh.  So one would think that everything can be easily found and readily to hand.  The trouble is when they get out, and are used.  

Like most people, I knit on the sofa, and I am constantly interrupted – a certain young man needs a drink/snack; the phone rings; the cat wants letting in; I need a cup of tea; the fire needs another log, or I have to shuffle over to let someone sit down next to me – all of which upsets the order of knitting and provides opportunities for notions to get ‘notions’. 

I suspect the problem is lack of proper storage.  Perhaps I should buy a tackle box or caddy of some sort that provides a permanent accessible place of abode for my notions, so I can put the needle back in its place and easily pick it out again (at the moment, my zip-top bag isn’t conducive to constant dippings-in-and-out).  Or one of those things you hang around your neck – the cable needle and crochet  hook especially can be stored there, readily to hand, where I can see them and prevent them from getting up to mischief!  Is there such a thing? 

What do you reckon!?


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6 thoughts on “Naughty notions

  1. I swear notions like to be lost. I have at least 4 tape measures in my notions bag and about 10 back up packs of tapestry and darning needles because mine go awol so often!

  2. I have a measuring tape that i’ve hole punched and strung to one of the zip tab hole bit inside my bag (yes that is a technical term :P) and a small needle book that I knitted up, it looks like a book jacket cover and my needle threader and foldable scissors (these are a must!!) fit in the small pocket bits of it.

    Then I have a small knitting bag I received in a swap, it’s only about 2″ by 3″ but fits my needle book and any other notions in it and always sits in the same side pocket.

    Believe it or not I’m not very organised but I got sick of having 4 of everything and not being able to find anything.

    It probably helps that I only have one knitting bag and it is also a ‘handbag’ (I’m not the handbag type of person, I just call it my knitting bag)

  3. I plan on making myself a roll-up for my needles because at the moment they are in a shopping bag with my yarn and my knitting project. So every time I need to find something I end up having to tip the whole lot out!
    But maybe one of those handyman’s aprons with the pockets for tools…only the pockets will need to be differently shaped.