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Three weeks to go


The craft stall endeavour continues.  I seem to be getting faster at this hat knitting thing.  I finished two yesterday! 

The pile is growing (slowly):

The possibilities for hats are limitless!

My favourite discovery so far is holding one strand of 4 ply (fingering) merino and one strand of lightweight mohair together (not laceweight, and not chunky – fingering weight perhaps?  The mohair is a mystery yarn I picked up in a sale once).  It’s the white fluffy beret you see in the picture.  I didn’t realise how beautifully the yarns would blend together.  The two yarns together have created a light and airy but much thicker yarn.  You can’t tell it’s two separate yarns!  I knitted it on 5mm needles but could have used 5.5mm if I wanted more drape.  I knitted the band in twisted rib on 3.75mm so that it would be firm.  Nothing worse than a too-loose hat!

The pile might grow faster if I didn’t keep changing styles.  But that would be boring.  And this is meant to be fun.


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4 thoughts on “Three weeks to go

  1. This is for the fair right? Definitely hoping to buy one of your hats!!!!

  2. Great hats! And very unselfish of you to knit for charity. Knitters are a giving bunch, though. K