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We read about scent bringing back strong associated memories.  This is definitely true with me – a certain scent reminiscent of baby powder and Oil of Olay always takes me back to my beloved grandmother’s house.  Chanel No. 5 reminds me of seeing my mother in her younger days, glamorously dressed up to go out to a dinner function with my father, a faint hint of Chanel No. 5 trailing in her wake.

Knitting these hats has made me aware of another memory association not often talked about – touch. 

Knitting this hat:


Feeling its plump, squashy spin and softness reminded me of why I purchased this yarn, and how and when I knitted it.   My daughter and I went to the yarn store together so that she could approve the yarn and test it for softness and colour.  The newly purchased yarn came with us for a snow holiday at Tongariro National Park.  In the evening, after our play in the snow, the kids watched Star Wars:  Return of the Clones, and I sat on the motel bed, knitting the pullover for my daughter.  It was delicious to knit.  My first “single-spun” yarn (it’s actually a “faux single – two soft spuns plied together), and such a revelation in sensation!  

And today, that sensation of the yarn threading through my fingers, the feel of it cuddling the needles, brought back memories of the enjoyment I felt knitting it, and the circumstances in which I first knit it.   Dearest daughter still wore her finished pullover inside out though, much to my horror.  Apparently, the stocking stitch surface was more pleasing to her skin…

Anyway, the hat in this yarn is lovely.  It’s Naturally’s Aspire in DK weight.  70% wool, 30% alpaca.  Warm, soft, and you can wear the hat more than one way.  Hopefully suitable for a ‘tweenie’.  Here’s Eric being a cute model:

Pattern to follow!


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