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The pixie flower hat


I’m rather thinking this hat might be a FAIL from a design point of view.  Sorry kb!

Maybe it’s just because I’m not feeling too hot today.  I have a headache.  It’s also a bit warm to be wearing very cosy hats. 

When I first thought up this hat, I wanted something pretty, playful and windproof.  Something that reminded me of this flower:

I’ve always wanted a hat shaped like a flower for some reason…

And something that stays in place on freezing winter mornings when I walk Eric down to the school bus and a Southerly gale is blasting down the valley at 100km/h, knocking our hats and eyelashes off.

I think it will certainly fulfil all that criteria.

It’s very fitted.  It’s very chunky.  And the tension is very chunky too – to make it windproof (heavy enough not to be blown off and not let the wind through).  I used 5mm needles for a yarn that is normally knitted on 7mm needles.  I think I’ll wait until winter before passing final judgment though.  The original hat in red I’ve shown you before is better, but the yarn is different – very slightly finer, and you can’t get that yarn on the market – it’s a one-off.  To give you the pattern, I need to use a yarn that is readily available.

In the meantime, I think I’ll sit on the pattern and tinker a bit more.  I think I’d like slightly more frill at the brim (like the original) and more point at the crown (a new thought).  I’m not quite happy with it yet. 

On the subject of hats, I’ll spend tomorrow writing tags for my 20+ hats (and toys, of which there are not so many) and organising myself.  Sunday is the day!

After which, I have a host of posts planned, on subjects nothing to do with hats (do I hear a sigh of relief?) 😉  I thought I’d talk a bit about the community cause I’m contributing to from the proceeds of my stall, as well as continue my review of possum yarns.  There’s also an update on New Zealand wool industry happenings.  And of course, a few more hat patterns.

On a completely different subject, I did some dyeing for the first time today.  I’ve been reading The New Zealand Woolcraft Book by Constance Jackson and Judith Plowman and got totally inspired.  So yesterday, I gathered two separate kinds of lichens that grow around the garden, and brewed them up… and this morning, I added the yarn.

It’s gorgeous, and looks absolutely stunning against my purple sweaters that are hanging up to dry with it (that is a navy colour you see in the background in case you are wondering).  One colour is almost orange, and the other is a beautiful pale greeny yellow/brown.  The yarn is a New Zealand eco merino from Woolrae Studios, which I’ve mentioned before in a previous post.  I had about 40g left over from one of the hat projects, so decided to have fun with experimentation.

I know it’s a bit naughty to use lichens given they’re so rare these days.  But they were growing all over the letterbox, so I’m hoping that’s a good-enough excuse.  You don’t need to mordant the wool beforehand to dye with lichens, so it’s chemical-free and eco-friendly.  I’m not sure how colourfast it will be – I guess time will tell!  It will be a lovely addition to a colourwork hat at some point.  Just can’t get those hats off the brain!


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12 thoughts on “The pixie flower hat

  1. Love the cardigan you’re wearing. What pattern is it?

    Well done on creating all those fabulous hat for a fair – generous effort of time etc.

    • I wondered if someone would ask! It’s unfortunately a shop-bought number. But have you seen the latest Interweave Knits Weekend? The Olivier Pullover by Coralie Meslin is very similar. I ordered the yarn for it today… I’m going to try it in Naturally’s Aran Tweed.

      Hopefully all that effort will pay off for the fair. I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed doing this project though. Hats are so fun to knit, and so quick!

      • Was rather taken with that one myself actually. Am looking for the ‘just right’ pattern to make myself a cabled jumper in possum – am thinking Utiku as I love the yarn – and am waiting for the latest Knitters because looks like there is a couple of good ones there too before I finally decide. I think maybe that’s half the fun with knitting, the planning phase before starting.

      • Good luck with your search! I’m on the lookout for just such a pattern myself. I totally agree though – the planning is just as much fun as the knitting itself!

  2. Hey – thats not a fail. I think its a brill hat! Love the colours and the chunkiness of it and the cool cables.

  3. I wish I had that hat today! In Colorado, this is the season for those 80 mph winds. Would the pattern work in Tui?

  4. I like the hat! Love the fact that it was inspired by a flower, and cabled hats always go down well in my book 🙂

  5. No need to be sorry – the hat looks great and certainly looks like it will sort out those gusty Wellington winds. I’m a wimp now, used to the generally well-behaved British weather and you have reminded me of the wild weather I used to get when working in the city and out in Titahi Bay – those winds off the sea could get pretty feisty!

    I’ve been taking a break off my larger Christmas projects by knocking out some hats – they are my potato chip knitting! I’m working on version 2 of a hat and I don’t get bored – they are so quick to do, you can knit them multiple times so good luck if you decide to do another version of your design.

    Good luck Sunday.



    • Well, I’m glad so many other people like the hat. 🙂 You’ve encouraged me to try to get it just right. And yes, hats ARE the potato chip knitting aren’t they!? If that’s so, I have to say I’m rather addicted to junk knitting at the moment! Only, I’ve just seen a beautiful cabled sweater in Interweave Knits’ Weekend issue, and today, I ordered the yarn for it…