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Free pattern – the Pixie Flower cabled hat


Thank you, Claudia, for prompting me to try Zealana Tui for the creation of this hat.  In reality, the Tui clamoured “me, me, me!!” the whole time I was test knitting my pattern for this hat.  But I was determined not to knit a red hat as this colour is so tricky to photograph, and I only had Tui in red!

It turns out one should really listen to one’s yarn when selecting a suitable medium for a project.  And here we have it – the nailed version, in Zealana Tui! 

Just to reveal a bit more of the story behind this hat – I’ve been in love with this kind of flower ever since I was a little girl – it looks just like the flower skirts and hats worn by fairies and pixies in the illustrations of old-fashioned story books.  I used to dream about wearing a petaled skirt just like it. 

Now that I’m a grown woman, the design has become slightly more abstract.  But still, it does remind me of a flower hat that might be worn by a pixie…

I’m very happy with the little knob at the top, like the point of a flower turned upside down, and the way the deep cable start has gently pointed the brim, just like flower petals.  The alternating length cables give the hat a gentle roundness and more width over the head.

Knitted to a tighter-than-normal tension for this yarn, it’s warm, cosy, and wind-proof.  Everything a girl needs to keep her head snug on a freezing winter’s day when a howling gale is blowing.  A brisk Southerly breeze obligingly sailed in just as I was finishing this hat.  And I can confirm it is very cosy and comfortable to wear! 

As this project is an energetic chunky knit, it’s best to use needles that are steel or have a steel core for this exercise.  I would hate to be accused of destroying one’s favourite set of KnitPro needles!  My weapon of choice was Addi circulars. 

If you have been following the posts about these hats, you’ll know I’ve already knitted a couple of versions in different yarns, to try to get just the right yarn for my concept.  Zealana’s Tui is indeed the exact, perfect yarn for this hat.  Tui is a soft-spun yarn with possum, merino and cashmere content.  Its super-softness makes it a total pleasure to knit, and very cosy to wear.  You need just one 100g ball to make this hat – an economical and playful knit for the winter season.

So here it is – The Pixie Flower Cabled Hat (free pattern).

Have fun!


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8 thoughts on “Free pattern – the Pixie Flower cabled hat

  1. Gorgeous! and the red photographed really well. That looks a great match of yarn to pattern, it almost looks felted and I bet it does it’s job as a wind-proof hat.

    I too love the knob on top and the slightly fluted edging of the hat really echoes your design inspiration. Win-Win!!

  2. Love it!! I’m going to make one up and see how it does against the wind here in Colorado.

  3. Hello!!! I love your Pixie Hat, it gives me something to aim for, as cables still look a bit hard for the likes of me! It has turned out just gorgeous and looks wonderful on you, great stuff!
    Have a happy week 🙂

    • Hi Alice! Thank you! Cables are dead easy – now that you’ve mastered knitting in the round, there’s nothing to it! Your wrist warmers look amazing, and you’ve done them so well, avoiding the ‘jog’ that sometimes happens with knitting stripes in the round. Have a happy week too!

  4. Thats a gorgeous hat! Well done :_)

  5. Very cute, I love the big cables. I have those flouncy aquilegia flowers in my garden too. 🙂