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What knitting addiction?


It’s time to admit what Darling Daughter has told me all along.  I’m hopelessly addicted.

I think all that knitting has got to my arms a bit – I’ve been suffering from slight RSI for the past couple of days.  Today, I thought I’d give it a break. 

I did not do any knitting pre-breakfast. I made Eric’s breakfast and packed his lunch and got him off to school.  I hung up the laundry.  I made the beds.  I did the dishes.  I made Welsh Cakes.  I ironed the sheets.  I had tea (and ate Welsh Cakes) with neighbours who dropped in for a cuppa.  I washed the kitchen floor.  I sorted out the (long overdue) paperwork.  I vacuumed.  My little balls of perfection kept calling to me, and I’d go over to them now and again and give them a loving stroke, a squeeze, an adoring examination of their gorgeous colours, and put them down again.  I did sort of bind off a cushion cover I’ve had on the needles for while, but that doesn’t count does it?  I had lunch. 

Then, I made a fatal mistake.  I decided that since I couldn’t knit, I’d get on the laptop and start editing the pattern for the last hat that I’ll share with you – the Cafe hat (because I know you’re probably all rather sick of hats by now!).  And of course, one thing led to another…

Contented sigh.  I just can’t keep away from you my love…

It’s all Melissa Leapman’s fault.  If I hadn’t been dribbling over her book Cables Untangled (while trying to rest my arms) I wouldn’t have been tempted to incorporate that gorgeous little cable detail into the brim of my hat pattern (instead of the simple cable I had planned).  Which of course, means that one needs to knit another hat, just to make sure that it works… pain in arm is being ignored.  I’ll rub more bee venom cream into it later.

Which is another reason one shouldn’t visit libraries for good books.  Because if you meet one, you then have to buy it!  Well, I do anyway.  So this book has just gone on to my wish list, because it has the in it, and I want to knit them all!

I realise that I have not updated you on the market endeavour yet.  Despite it being a uncooperatively hot day, I sold 10 hats, which made a small contribution to the community cause.  But I also had on the table a sample of the pretty cabled gloves that I knitted, and I got orders for 14 pairs!  It was interesting watching the ooooh look on people’s faces as they put on the gloves (I say people, because even hardened country boys wanted a pair – in man style, of course).  Possum is so gorgeously soft and comfy to wear.  😉  And in winter, it’s deliciously warm and snug.

I do have to admit here to a slight suspicion to being the object of sympathy as well, from friends who wanted to support my efforts. 

So you’re going to have to put up with patterns and pictures of pretty gloves (in varying degrees of cabling) for a wee while until I’ve chugged through those projects.  And as I suffer from boredom doing the same thing more than twice, guess what Melissa Leapman will be providing inspiration for…!

So the market day was a success from my point of view.  I met a fellow yarn addict, who loved the hanks of Little Wool Co. and Utiku Perendale (The Wool Co) I had on offer as a one-off.  She was selling the cutest felted cat badges.  She’s an expert crocheter, who has her own lovely blog, Crochet with Raymond

Now, do you think it is possible for me to keep off the needles for more than 24 hours?  Perhaps if you tied my arms to a chair.  I’m not addicted, seriously! ;-p

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5 thoughts on “What knitting addiction?

  1. Oooh, I was thinking about ordering a pair of the gloves as well … And if you do a cabled hat, I would probably feel the need to make another headwear purchase … :o)

  2. Oh Yay!
    I’ve been thinking about that wool I did not have the finances to purchase!!!!! That beautiful plain pink has been on my obsessed mind…. are you doing the Khandallah market???
    I love your addiction, it is fabulous and I can’t wait to knit the cafe hat…
    Do some stretches and sort that arm out, you have fans to please!

    • Hehe. We are so alike when it comes to yarn addiction! I wasn’t planning to do the Khandallah market. But I shall look into it. Perhaps! I’m not sure I’ll be able to knit anything in time though – my orders are keeping me very busy! (And when am I going to get time to do my own knitting??) I made good progress on the cafe hat today, so the pattern should be ready for publication in the next couple of days.

  3. You iron sheets?!! If you finished all that in one day, you deserve all the knitting time you want, without feeling any guilt! I’m working on a Melissa Leapman cardi that she designed in Tui for Creative Knitting magazine – with cables of course.

    • It makes the bed look nice and crisp! And there’s nothing like slipping between freshly ironed sheets – they smell and feel so nice. It’s a bit anal, I know…

      Hmm! Melissa Leapman cardi in cables? Sounds lovely! Which issue of Creative Knitting is that in? I don’t normally buy that mag, but I might have to if it’s still available.