Free pattern – the Cafe hat

The last of the hat patterns… (at least for a while):

When I designed this hat, I pictured something that I could wear out to brunch with friends, enjoying a latte at one of Wellington’s hip cafes, and then strolling along the waterfront, basking in a bit of early winter sunshine.  This hat is big enough to tuck long hair into, or just to wear as a piece of chic head-gear.

An easy knit, it is knitted in the round.  I’ve designed a unisex version with ribbing in the brim, as well as the more feminine version with cabling.  Attach or embroider your favourite motif for your own unique style.  I’ve attached one of Alice’s cool felted badges with lace motif to my ribbed brim, to give mine a bit more character.

This hat is knitted in possum, just because I have a fetish for lovely warm hats in winter. It’s a heavy’ish DK weight (light worsted) and you could substitute it with the yarn of your choice.  It works equally well with an angora or alpaca mix, or a nice soft cashmerino yarn – something that’s light and with nice drape.

Free Pattern – Cafe hat

I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing the Cafe hat.

14 thoughts on “Free pattern – the Cafe hat

  1. Oh my god look at the cables on this hat…. they are simply perfect… so delicate, so much sweeter and prettier than the GORGEOUS green one which was loveliness too!
    I think I’m going to need to learn how to knit cables at some stage, I love it!
    The blue looks totally gorgeous on you and the badge looks ace too!!!!!!

    1. I did think this cable was a much prettier version than the one I originally made up in green. I’m glad you agree! Cabling is really easy – all you need is a cable needle. You slip one stitch on to the cable needle, and hold it at the back (or front) while you knit the other stitches, then pull that held stitch over to be knitted next, just like a normal stitch. That’s all there is to it! Your badge is great – it really ‘makes’ the hat.

  2. waow, it’s a really beautiful blue (on the third picture, seems closer?)
    is it the wool company ‘s possum yarn?
    it fits you perfectly..
    and the gloves?…ready to knit 20 pairs?

    1. Glad you like it! I realise I forgot to say what colours I used in the hats. The lighter blue yarn in my cabled hat is The Wool Co’s possum yarn in Kingfisher (MP015). The darker blue in the ribbed version is an angora merino blend from Naturally that is now sadly discontinued (hence I didn’t bother talking about it in my post). Knitted the first of the gloves today!

  3. Great, simple hat! I’m going to have to try it. I’m still searching for the “perfect” hat to replace the one I lost last year. Thanks. Kathy

  4. Thanks for all the helpful comments and advice about yarn. Planning a visit to NZ, so will search out some possum yarn in my travels and make myself the Cafe Hat. How much do I need to purchase? Might buy enough to make a couple for the family. Nice and simple.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂 To find possum yarn in New Zealand, there are several places you can go:

      1. Stop at The Wool Co. on SH 1 just after Taihape (the Central Plateau area). That’s the yarn I’ve used in my cabled hat. If you’re driving through the North Island, it’s highly likely you’ll be passing it.
      2. Visit a yarn store in a town you stop at (most of them have some version of possum yarn). If you let me know where you’ll be stopping, I could point you in the right direction. In Auckland, I think the most central place to go is Masco Wools in the Westfield Downtown shopping centre at the corner of Albert St and Customs St West (right at the bottom of Queen St next to the waterfront). I understand they also stock Zealana.
      3. Visit Knit World in Wellington (it’s located down an alley called Left bank off Cuba Mall) where they stock Zealana, as well as Touch possum yarns.

      You can also buy The Wool Co. yarns online – so if you have trouble with your luggage allowance, there’s always the internet! 😉

      The cafe hat uses between 60 – 70g of yarn in total depending on the size you knit. If you buy The Wool Co. possum merino, you only need one ball (with a bit left over) but most other possum comes in 50g balls, so you’ll need two. But if you’re going to make more than one, then you can account for that in your yarn purchases!

      Hope you have a wonderful visit to New Zealand. Where are you coming from?

      1. Not far, Australia. I know we will be in Christchurch, Dunedin and Rotorua. Not heading to Wellington this time. I am so looking forward to our visit. It has been nearly 24 years! Enjoyed our honeymoon travelling around beautiful New Zealand.

        Thanks for all your help. I had a look at your suggested yarn tours for both Islands. Knit World in Christchurch may be a good start.

        Loving the look of the fingerless gloves as well, especially that lovely green. Will have to calculate my yarn requirements carefully, or maybe just purchase extra!!

      2. All good places to visit! You are right – Knit World in Christchurch is probably your safest bet (the best equivalent gauge yarn for the gloves and hat is Zealana). Hope you have a fantastic time here.

  5. Looks great. But you really do have a head for hats. Mine only seems to suit newsboy caps and those flapper-esque hairdressing caps you use for putting highlights in your hair.

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