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Want warm hands?


I’m having fun with fingerless gloves…

Two different styles so far.

New Zealand possum yarn is so soft – can you see the halo compared to the crispness of the grass and daisies?  It’s The Wool Company‘s Merino Possum of course.   The blue gloves are in Kingfisher and the green are in Gooseberry.

This green is abominably difficult to catch in correct colour.   The sun is giving it a lustrous shimmer in this photo:

Then I got distracted by the pretty lichens…

One more view.  Finally!  The right shade.  It’s really quite a lovely green.  It makes very nice gloves, especially when paired with my cuddly pink angora cardi.  I like this colour combination.  It’s flower-like.  (You can tell it’s summer here…flowers on the brain.)

Hope you’re having a good week.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Want warm hands?

  1. Beautiful! I can’t believe (oh yes I can actually!) that you got 14 orders for them…. they are truly beautiful and despite the fact that I’m thrilled that summer is on it’s way, I’ll be happy when it gets cold again so I can wear my knitty goodness!
    Have a lovey day!