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Summer bouquet


It was a real ‘stinker’ today. Hot as hades.  The lying weather widget on my desktop says it was only 20 degrees celsius.  It felt more like 30!  In the valley I live in, the road seal was melting, my butter was one degree short of self-clarifying, and we were sweating.  I hate summer. 

I’m looking enviously at forecasts for severe (cold) weather in the Northern Hemisphere and wishing I could live a life where I have six months in the Southern Hemisphere and the next six in the North.  And stay in perpetual Autumn/Winter for the whole year.  That would be bliss.

Anyway, rant over, I decided that in the interests of keeping sane, I would look at the positives of summer and the joy of living in New Zealand (and being rural)!  Like this lovely bouquet of summer grasses that I picked and brought inside this afternoon.  So many delicate seed structures, so pretty!  Such wonderful inspiration for cable and lace patterns!

Let’s have a closer look at these beauties:

It fascinates me that there are so many varieties of grass.  From a farmer’s perspective, I know that not all these grasses are welcome.  I think the pale green one in the foreground that looks like wheat:

I think it’s wheat grass.  I have a very distinct memory of spending several hours in my uncle’s fields pulling out this grass stalk and putting it into large rubbish sacks one summer holiday of long ago…

I notice that the grasses grow at different rates and have varying textures to their leaves.  Obviously some are more nutritious and useful as animal feed than others.  It would be interesting to find out more.

But, I didn’t spend all afternoon ogling grass.  Someone else in the household has an opposite view of summer to me, and so this is what we (he, actually) did for the rest of the day:

This is the Lyall Bay on the South Coast of Wellington.  I didn’t think he’d want to go swimming.  Silly me!


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9 thoughts on “Summer bouquet

  1. Beautiful grasses. I never really considered that there’d be so many!

    Summer is like a distant memory to me at the moment, it’s snowing where I am!

    • Yes, when constantly subjected to the lawnmower, you never get to appreciate their full beauty. That’s the great thing about living in the country – it’s allowed to grow! Ah snow…

  2. Kids and water? It’s like a giant magnet 🙂 6″ of snow just melted here in the Pacific NW – perfect for staying inside and knitting 🙂 but ugh for getting out to the shops etc

    • I always forget that on the first day that it’s warm enough to swim! I guess there must be some drawbacks to snowy weather. It just gets cold here – the snow sits on the mountain tops, and we only get to look at it, and not live in it. I guess that adds to the attraction of snow for me!

  3. gorgeous pictures!! great photography skills!
    It was so hot huh…. I liked it though!!! hee hee
    I even managed a touch of knitting in it!

  4. I never knew grasses could look so lovely as a decoration!
    I think I might be the opposite in terms of seasonal preferences – I think perhaps a Canadian winter might change your mind about hating summer? 😉

    • I’ve heard that it gets bitter in Canada. Maybe I’ll get to experience it one day! The closest I ever got to that was New York in December. That was cold! And then I understood why people wore earmuffs!! Still, a nice gentle summer where it’s pleasantly warm and not stinking hot is still preferable to me!

  5. I can imagine that a knitting-mad woman would prefer to live in more woolly-friendly climes. But I love that it’s warm enough not to have to wear several layers of clothes all the time.

  6. I love those photos, the clover and the buttercup have always been favourites in the garden. I am Alices friend from the tropics, Far North Queensland….not somewhere that a winter lover like you would enjoy 🙂 I must say tho that we live in the Atherton Tablelands so it does get cold in winter and it is not too hot for too long in summer. I do miss having some decent cold so I can wear all my scarves and hats that I have in the closet……