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Pride comes before a fall


Thursday:  Lovely, lovely, red possum gloves.  Just perfect.  Look at that pretty first glove!  The second will be a breeze!

Friday:  Gosh darn it!  I wasn’t paying attention when I knitted the first glove!  I forgot some of the return rows – the two look different!  Rip!

Saturday:  What the &*(^?  How did I manage that?  They’re STILL not the same!  RIP.  I’m sick of this.  Let’s go make something else pretty for Christmas.  (I can’t show you yet because the recipient still has to receive it, and she reads this blog).  Yay!!  Something productively gorgeous and useful!  I hope she likes them…

Sunday:  OK.  This is now beyond funny.  WHY is one still not the same as the other!?? Visions of throwing the #&^$&*!** lot in the fire are very appealing.  Get up.  Walk to the kitchen.  Make a calming cup of tea.  Breathe deeply.  Try to think happy thoughts.  Start a new ball because the original yarn is beginning to look slightly… frayed. 

No, scotch that.  I’m starting a relief project.  Hang the deadline!

Happy sigh.  Much better.  See – you can knit!

Monday:  Knit like a demon.  One (hopefully) perfect, mistake-free glove.  Oh, lovely, lush colour.  Oh, lovely, pretty pattern.  But why oh why am I having so much trouble with you?

Tuesday:  Knit.  Measure.  Check.  Knit.  Measure.  Check.  I think it’s the same.  I hope it’s the same… Wait.  How did I manage to knit past the thumb gusset start?  RIP.  Hang it all.  Just go to bed.

Wednesday:  Do the knitting cha cha – knit one row forward, rip two rows back, knit one row forward, rip two rows back.  Temples throb every time I look at that seemingly unattainable second glove-in-progress.  Resist the urge to run screaming from the house tearing my hair out upon the discovery of a dropped stitch ten rows down. 

Knit another ball of relief project.  Is it perhaps time to admit defeat and just do another pattern for these gloves?  NO!!!  I am a stubborn mule and I will.knit.the.second.glove!

Thursday:  How long does it take to knit six inches of glove?  Listen you – look how effortlessly and well Eric’s new winter sweater is coming along!  Now be nice and cooperative and do the same and (gibber) let me finish this glove… please? 

Friday: ?  I don’t know about any knitting, but I shall be passing The Wool Co.  And although I have very definitely decided against knitting a second pair of these gloves for me, I might just have to acquire some of that very gorgeous colour for another (less frustrating) project.  Just as a reward.  For my endurance.  If you know what I mean… 😉

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6 thoughts on “Pride comes before a fall

  1. oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOW I get it!
    I have no idea how you could knit a jumper out of it after a week of ripping!
    you are sooooo funny!

  2. Just found your blog via Alice and Raymond, really enjoyed it so far xox Penelope

  3. Sometimes a project is just challenging. I was recently working on a beret (Brambles) with cables – nothing especially difficult – but I had to rip several times. I think it’s more a function of where our heads are at than the knitting. I wish I could learn to stop and put it down and do something else when that happens, but I am like a mule. I just HAVE to get it done. Maybe it’s a knitter’s trait? Anyway – that red is beautiful and I hope the pair is appreciated! Kathy

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours – hope your sis’ wedding went fabulously and lucky you – stopping at the Wool Co 🙂