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A walk in the forest


I put down the knitting needles to go for a walk with the little man today.  The recent rainy weather, combined with summer’s warmth gave us such interesting things to see:

This is fly agaric.  It’s a poisonous toadstool that grows at the base of pine trees.  It serves a useful function for the tree though, feeding on the fallen needles, and returning nutrients to the soil.

I’m not sure if this is edible.  But it looked yummy.

Fancy a puffball marshmallow anyone?

I’m fairly sure these are pine bolete, an edible mushroom.  I wasn’t brave enough to pick it and try it though.  We came across another specimen that had been munched by possums – their trademark blunt toothmarks gave them away.

I didn’t check under their caps to see if there was a spongy bottom instead of fins – that’s apparently the way you can tell.  That and their skins can be peeled off.

Pretty moss on rocks in the creek.

So cute, lying there in the needles.

I love living in the country.  The little man had fun too – creeks are such fun for boys!


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2 thoughts on “A walk in the forest

  1. Nice…apart from wondering whether the flora will kill you. Your forest is much more forest-y than ours.

  2. There are few things better than walking in the woods with your kids. It gives me hope that somewhere in the world it is WARM!!! (it’s in the 20s here in Ohio, USA today) I’m going for a walk with my dogs in the snow!