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Catalyst:  a: a person or thing that causes a change.

Would you call the series of events I describe below a catalyst?

I’m knitting two projects simultaneously.  The Slanting Gretel Tee for my sister during the day:

I just love the colour of this yarn (The Little Wool Co., Forest, machine-washable, 100% wool, DK weight).  Look at the heathered tones in the green.  Sigh.  So lovely!

And when it gets too dark to see the stitches, this sweet pair of gloves in a luscious turquoise:

The gloves are in a yarn from Naturally called “Loyal”.  It’s also a DK-weight machine-washable 100% wool.  It knits like a dream, and because it’s machine-washable and therefore easy care, it’s perfect for the friend’s daughter who wants these gloves to wear while waiting around cold gyms during netball practice in winter.

Knitting these gloves also reminded me that my sister’s husband accidentally shrunk her Noro gloves in the wash last winter.  (This is a good example of why husbands should never be let loose near the washing machine!)  She feels the cold badly.  Perhaps this yarn would be a suitable replacement pair?  One that have less risk of shrinkage?

I wanted to choose a pretty colour.  But which colour?  I’ve been swatching for a girl’s dress in a variegated yarn, and the pretty little swatches sitting on my window-sill had me itching to do something multi-coloured in gloves.  The idea burbled at the back of my mind all morning.

Then, I happened to go into the garden and pick a pretty bunch of flowers for the living room:

Looking at their rich, gorgeous colours reminded me of something in my yarn collection… I went and had a dig.  Oh yes, look at this:

This is The Wool Co’s DK-weight (8 ply) Perendale in Multi Faberge.  Just the thing for a pair of colourful gloves!

The only problem is that this wool is not machine-washable.  So I’m going to have to get some other yarn for her gloves; oh dear, what a shame, these will have to be mine! 😉


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2 thoughts on “Catalyst

  1. Oh! That first yarn is to die for!
    And yes, I’d say the interconnectedness of the yarns and flowers is the best catalyst for those gloves for YOU!

  2. boo! my other comment just disappeared!
    It was something along the lines of:
    Oooohhh! I just saw that wool and got struck by MAJOR WOOL ENVY, then realised I have two skeins of faberge in my stash!
    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss to big delicious stashes!!!!!