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The reversible fingerless gloves


I finished my multi-dyed fingerless gloves yesterday.  Here they are – I love them!  They’re everything I hoped for by using a variegated yarn!

This is The Wool Company’s Perendale in Multi Faberge.  It’s DK weight, and 100% New Zealand wool.  Because this yarn is dip-dyed, there are four main strips of colour in the hank (and two lesser secondary strips), which allow for a certain amount of self-striping within the gloves.

This isn’t the actual colourway.  It’s the same yarn, but in another colour – I’m just showing you the dip-dye effect as opposed to kettle-dyed, for example.

I realised when they were done that they were reversible:


The designing of these gloves announced that it was time for me to deal with the Baggy Wrist Syndrome and not hide behind the use of a cable to tighten this area.  You’ll see I’ve inserted a number of decrease rows at the wrist to create a reasonable fit, as opposed to looking like what happens around your ankles in a baggy pair of tights.

Other things I like about them:  being 100% pure wool, they are stretchy, and warm, and very comfortable.  The arm is long, and allows you to bunch the cuff for extra ‘corkage’ around your coat sleeve if that’s what you want, or they can be pulled all the way past the elbow for extra-snug arm warmth, and you can wear them with a short-sleeved top to provide the same level of warmth as a long-sleeved pullover!  Fingerless gloves are a favourite because they keep most of my hands warm, but still allow enough finger ‘grip’ to drive the car or pay the bus fare for example, without having to go through the hassle of taking them off.

The yarn gave off that lovely, sheepy lanolin scent when I was washing them.  I rather liked that.  Knitting it, this yarn has a lovely spring and handle, making it easy on the wrists to use.  It is soft; not merino soft but not scratchy either.

I think I’ll be getting a bit of use out of these come winter!

The pattern is currently in draft.  I’ll post it once I’m happy with it.  Being a basic stocking stitch knit, the pattern will be good for beginner knitters, or those who don’t like cabling or other fussy details in their gloves.

And now, for a name.  Should I call them the “Reversible Fingerless Gloves”, or should I be a little more inventive?


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7 thoughts on “The reversible fingerless gloves

  1. Love them! The pattern of the colour is amazing, it turned out beautifully!
    I’m going to follow your pattern for these exactly (you are posting a pattern lovely Wei Siew aren’t you!!!!!) because I’ve been wanting to make loooooong gloves with a thumb for ages but haven’t found a pattern that I actually LIKE enough to make!
    you are the knitting queen :OD

  2. Wow, reversible = brilliant. I didn’t think TWC yarn was soft enough for next to skin wear like that, will have to try it 🙂

  3. Very , very pretty. Haven’t commented on your site for a while, but I really liked those mitts.

  4. oooh i love the colour! Very nice 😀