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The beginning


School started today.  I know quite a few other mothers who would have said goodbye to their little darlings with rather-larger-than-necessary grins today.  Including me.

While its fabulous and wonderful to be able to spend quality time with one’s kids, it’s also fabulous and wonderful to be able to finally get back to the ordinary business of a normal schedule and life.  So today is the beginning of a new start to the year.

Now that school’s back, hopefully I’ll have more time to write.  And knit something other than stocking stitch!  Actually, I spent yesterday mapping out a great cable design I’m substituting into a jumper I’m knitting.  The original pattern does have a cable down the front, but the more I looked at it, the more I didn’t like that design.  So I’m putting in one that I really like.  Hehe!  The joys of being able to customise one’s clothing.

My goals this year are quite simple:  1.  Get a permanent part-time job.  2.  Develop my knitting skills to advanced level with the aim of eventually getting to master grade.   With only two goals to concentrate on, I shouldn’t lose focus.

It’s the Chinese New Year on Thursday.  This year it will be the Year of the Rabbit.  The rabbit favours all things harmonious and creative I understand.  Hopefully the ‘karma’ for this year will help to achieve my goals!



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2 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. Wouldnb’t it be wonderful if you could combine your love of knitting with a part time job! Good Luck searching