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A Saxon braid cable sweater


I’ve definitely got the startitis bug.  It’s the Big Sack sweater.  I love big, baggy sweaters, and this looked just the ticket!

But I wanted something a little more exciting for the central cable, so I got out my Field Guide to Knitting, and had a look to see what might appeal.  The original cable panel was 20 stitches wide, so it had to be similar in width to be proportionate to the pattern.

The Saxon Braid looked rather cool.  I did this:

I’ve accompanied it with cable ribbing on each side.  Yummy!!!

It’s a deadly easy cable, very forgiving of small errors, and so excitingly interesting to knit! Once the pattern is set, you end up mostly being guided by the order of stitches.  Most helpful when you’re like me and have to keep getting up and down to attend to small child needs at the same time.

Can’t wait to finish it!

The yarn is a new one on the market – Woolyarns’ own Alpaca Merino 50/50 blend in chunky (12 ply) weight (available at Knit World).  I don’t know if it will be a long-term yarn, or whether it’s just a one-off, but I made sure I got some!  You don’t often get an alpaca/merino yarn in chunky weight in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, other exciting projects are queuing up nicely.  It’s going to be a good knitting year I think!

In other news… I decided to hang out at one of Wellington’s rather cool new local yarn stores, Knitting Pretty, the other day and just sit and knit.  It was such fun!  So many people I knew walked in the door, that it was a bit like a party.  It never ceases to amaze me – what knitting has done for my life.

But one thing struck me in my conversations with a few of my friends – there’s still a fair lack of confidence when it comes to things like fair isle, cables, mattress stitch, to name a few.  So… I have gone and offered my services as a ‘knitting consultant’ once a week in the shop, to answer questions, teach, and just generally be helpful to knitters needing advice, and Lana, the owner, kindly accepted!

I’m a reasonably confident knitter when it comes to most basic questions so I should be able to help a few people, I hope.  And personally, I’ll get to meet more interesting people! I find that you learn as much as you give in that kind of situation, so it will be a helpful thing for me too, in my own search for knowledge this year.

I’m quite excited!


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3 thoughts on “A Saxon braid cable sweater

  1. Hi kiwiyarns, Love love all your knitting projects. I love knitting too. Just finished 3 sweaters for daughters. I like the center cables you designed on this sweater, so pretty and the yarn looks amazing! Congratulations on the consult job, that should be so fun, rewarding and a great opportunity to meet people with common interests. I would love that too! Have a great day and happy knitting. Can’t wait to see your masterpiece.
    xo Robin❤

    • Thank you for visiting! The job is a voluntary thing, but I figure while I’m looking for work, I may as well contribute to community in some way. Plus is keeps me from feeling too isolated. Looking forward to seeing the three sweaters you have just knit too!

  2. Saxon Braid is such a pretty cable – enticing enough to tempt me back to cables