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I spent an indecent amount of time staring at this today:

It’s my swatch for Stomp, a fair isle tunic designed by Jean Moss.  The pattern is in the Winter 09/10 issue of Designer/Vogue Knitting.  The project is not as hard work as the swatch suggests – the fair isle bit is only in the yoke and border of the garment.

Fair isle doesn’t come easy to me.  But when it’s finished, I can’t stop marvelling at how miraculously all those stitches and colours have come together to create a very pretty, cushiony, patterned fabric!  Fortunately, this isn’t a complicated pattern – unlike the example I saw today in K’s lovely blog.

I’ve foolishly agreed to knit this tunic for a friend of mine who doesn’t knit.  It’s foolish because now I WANT ONE TOO!!!  I think it’s fabulously gorgeous.  Funny that, how one sees a pattern, initially dismisses it, but months later, sees it and absolutely must knit it. Now!

A knitter friend of mine rolls her eyes every time I mention doing a swatch.  But to me, they’re a lifesaver, or more accurately, a sanity saver. Take the above swatch.  I picked those colours from a selection of naturally coloured merino, corriedale and perendale yarns from Treliske OrganicLittle Wool Co and The Wool Co because I thought they’d go well together.

But comparing this swatch with the picture of the garment in the pattern, I see that I should use a lighter coloured grey if I want it to have the same visual effect as the pattern. I’d rather find this out now, than when I’m knitting the actual project.

Here’s my second swatch – for the body of the garment.

There’s a simple cable running through the garment, but I hadn’t knitted this cable before, and as you can see from the bottom cable, I stuffed the first one up from not reading the chart right  (seed stitch in a cable didn’t look logical).  Imagine if I’d knitted an entire cable repeat of eight rows in a garment-number of stitches wrong?  That’s hundreds of stitches which would have needing ripping.  I feel faint at the thought!  I’m glad I got it right in the swatch before attempting the garment.

Although I’m not much of a believer in the Chinese horoscope, the projects are indeed leaping on to and off the needles at the moment – the signs are it will be a good one for creative sorts!


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4 thoughts on “Lustworthy

  1. I love your choice of colors – that will be a beautiful sweater! I’ve been thinking about doing something neutral and your swatch is inspiring! K

  2. wow, you are so clever to do fair isle knitting!!!!!!!
    Oh and as for the 14th, shall I pop over to yours? I’ll bring my flower tea pot and some nice tea and we can have a tea party!!!!!

  3. I love seeing what you get up to, you never cease to amaze me 🙂 I love the colors you’ve used in the swatch. What a lucky friend you have.