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The second glove syndrome


I have a love/hate relationship with gloves.

When they’re done, I just LOVE them.  But knitting them is sometime Not Fun.

Take this very sweet, petite little number I cast on for while waiting for my STOMP swatch to dry (so I could measure it properly):

Ta da!  One glove, finished in a day. The second, (growl) must be knitter’s karma for being so b’’’y smug about the whole thing:

This, dear friends, is all I have been able to achieve after FOUR HOURS OF KNITTING!  I just can’t get it right, even though it’s a very simple little cable.  I blame a very stressful matter that my mind is pre-occupied with at the moment.  How else could one fail so miserably at knitting the twin to something that pretty much slipped off the needles the day before?

I know I should really just knit something else that one doesn’t need to pay attention to, and come back to this tomorrow, when I’ll probably be feeling better, but I’m a stubborn donkey sometimes, and I’m in one of those moods where whether it kills me or not!

Anyway, despite the frustration, I’m quite pleased with how the first turned out.  You can see the inspiration for the cable in the Saxon braid cable (big sack) sweater (nearly done) that I’ve laid it on for this photo.  I liked the side cable so much, I decided to do an entire glove in it!

So, I doubt I’ll get this done today, despite my intentions.  And now I have to do some baking for the little man’s mid-morning school snack.  Let’s hope the cookies turn out better than the knitting.

And if you’re wondering, the yarn is The Wool Co.’s Merino Possum DK weight in Old Rose.  It’s a lovely colour isn’t it?


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9 thoughts on “The second glove syndrome

  1. LOL! It’s the same as second sock syndrome! The cables are lovely. Hurry and finish so you can wear them before the snow melts 🙂

  2. I just realized that it is summer in New Zealand so you probably don’t have snow! I am buried in it right now and just assume that everyone else is….:)

    • Hehe. I WISH I was buried in snow. Although today it’s nice and cool, and cold enough to put on my merino top for the first time in months. Yay! Winter is coming! (Only the knit obsessed would say that huh?)

  3. Ooh! Good luck! Hope you get that one sussed… Love the colour, I have to admit, I didn’t really pay much attention to the possum merino when I was at Utiku and only bought two balls, one of red and one of a pale green I’m not so keen on in daylight, I know now I’d be getting it all, now that I have croseed over to the possum merino dark side!

    • The pale green actually knits up very prettily – much nicer than it looks in the ball. The old rose is the same. I wasn’t too fussed over the colour in the ball, but now it’s knitted, oh dear! I might have to buy more!

  4. The first glove is so beautiful and well done!!! The second is getting there don’t you think…..looks awesome computer to computer. But anyway good luck, I know it’s not fun to have those days. Happy baking, yum! xoRobin❤

  5. I have second glove syndrome at the moment too! The first one is finished, and I’m really pleased with it, and yesterday I was a third of the way through the second one when I made a big mistake and had to start all over again! Maybe I’ll have better luck today!

  6. I haven’t even got to the first glove syndrome LOL I wish it was colder in Far North Queensland so I could wear gloves 😦

    Just back on line after no power for a week so I’m catching up, beautiful knitting as ever! 🙂